Domestic Dispute Turned into Third Party Fight


By Brooke Pritchard

A homeless man with a previous prison record is currently being charged on four counts: enacting force on a witness to a crime, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with great bodily injury, and aggravated battery. On April 5, Matthew Alexander Flores was verbally arguing with his girlfriend, which caused the alleged victim, “KG,” to call the police.

After KG announced that he was calling the police, Mr. Flores called KG “a rat” and allegedly began attacking KG for calling the cops.

Mr. Flores and KG had a two-week prior relationship, which began on a bike trail somewhere in Vacaville as KG provided narcotics to Mr. Flores and his girlfriend. KG also began providing food and his vehicle as shelter to the couple.

On April 4, the group was on a search to find a secluded place to stay. They originally drove to Lake Berryessa, but decided to proceed to nearby Winters because it was “more low key.” They ended up at the intersection of East Baker Street and Wild Rose Lane.

On the morning of April 5, Mr. Flores called Mr. KG “weird,” which led to KG being offended. KG asked for Mr. Flores and his girlfriend to leave. This departure lasted approximately 45 minutes, until the girlfriend wanted to return to the vehicle.

Once the couple reached the vehicle, Mr. Flores and his girlfriend broke out into a verbal argument. KG then called the police, reporting a domestic dispute as a precaution, and announced such. Mr. Flores immediately called KG “a rat” for calling the police.

It is unclear who threw the first punch, but the fight ultimately continued inside the vehicle where a Phillips head screwdriver was involved. According to KG, Mr. Flores had a screwdriver in his left hand while using the other hand to strangle him. While the screwdriver never made contact with KG’s body, there were attempts allegedly made. KG exited the car, which led to one punch from Mr. Flores. Mr. Flores contends that this was the only punch he threw and that it unexpectedly led KG to be knocked out on the floor. KG was dehydrated at the time. Mr. Flores fled the scene to avoid the authorities.

The first witness, Sergeant Albert Ramos, testified that a paramedic from the American Medical Response found KG with a tongue laceration and a bloody nose. The alleged victim also smelled of alcohol and was disoriented. The paramedic recalled that KG would not explain why the fight occurred, but he stated that Flores tried to stab him with a screwdriver.

The second witness, Officer Alan Pinette, confirmed KG’s disoriented state and testified that the alleged victim had sores on his arms which appeared to be from prolonged methamphetamine use.

While there were no fingerprints or bruises found on KG’s neck, Officer Pinette contended that KG’s bloodshot eyes proved that he was being strangled. However, the defense argued that if KG’s eyes were bloodshot due to strangulation then there should be an up-close photo as evidence. There is only an overall photo of KG on a hospital bed to show his overall state after the scene.

Officer Pinette also stated that the only thing KG complained of hurting was his right hand. There is testimony that KG sprained his right thumb.

A screwdriver was found on the right seat of the passenger car, but KG later met with Officer Pinette on April 12 to give him another screwdriver that KG believed was used in the fight. Both screwdrivers are Phillip heads.

Ultimately the court decided that there was enough evidence to proceed with a trial on all four counts. Arraignment will be Wednesday, May 22, at 8:30 a.m. in Department 10.

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