The People-First Economy, Day 1 – Wild, Creamy, Soul

by Scott Steward

This is a mini review of the Day 1 of 10 People-First Economy Online Summit (30 in all) ( This is a progressive economy menu for the reader to reflect on and choose from.  The speakers are mostly concerned with intentional inclusive economy that turns away from waste stream fossil fuel dependence. I am learning from these speakers as well and offer my perspective on what the speakers have to say. Here are the 3 speakers from Day 1.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield: “Using Business as a Force for Good”: “Right now we have a society where, surprise, business has discovered that their biggest ROI is bribing politicians.”  In contrast, Ben and Jerry are talking about businesses, employees and consumers working together to improve the quality of life for everybody.  Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream founded in 1978, is now owned by Unilever, but the ice cream company continues to be outspoken – currently addressing mass incarceration.  The retelling of the Ben and Jerry origin story is a potent reminder of why a humane business can go well.  In the interview, the moderator, Tiffany rebuts against Jerry’s conclusion that” people who don’t want to see business as a force for change are going to change.” It is a lively exchange.

Lynne Twist: “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life”: Lynne has my favorite answer to the question asked of all speakers “Why People First Economy?” “When we return to, when we reclaim that the most important thing in the world is our relationship with one another then we can turn the tide and have a deep and profound connection. A connection that asserts that it is natural for us to be committed to humanity, to the sacred nature of all life.”  Lynne explains that money “got off course” and our creation has become tragically exalted.  “Too many people think they are their stock portfolio.” Lynne’s fully realized description of the scarcity mind-set and “noble” accumulation is life changing.  Also discussed is Lynne’s work with the Pachamama Alliance

Miki Agrawal: “Disruptive Innovation and How to Change the Game Fearlessly”. With hair wrapped and unruly tank top, the author of “Do Cool Sh*t is on a mission to end cultural shame. Her $100M product company “Thinks” period proof underwear moves the conversation to “why not?” Her product saves each user 55 gallons of water a flush.  She is a resounding unforgiving success and she makes the most of our 8 second decision cycle.  Her book Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman first chapter is offered as a bonus at

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  1. Alan Miller

    saves each user 55 gallons of water a flush

    If my toilet used 55 gallons for a flush I’d be pretty concerned.

    What is this anyway?  Ben and Jerries — who sold ice cream — not exactly a product we want to promote to an increasingly obese population — what is progressive about fat & sugar?  And they sold off to a corporation . . .

    And the progressives don’t even get it — they are ruining the gig economy and small businesses with minimum wage and union protection laws, such as the ‘bring back the smelly taxi’ law just signed by New Some.  Local restaurants in San Francisco are collapsing like a house of cards between high rents, high labor costs, and urine-soaked poop needles in the front doorway in the morning.

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