Guest Commentary: District and Incumbents

by Alan C. Miller

I expected someone to analyze the districts in each scenario relative where the incumbents were for the City council race.  I don't believe anyone has.  I did not know how this was going to turn out when I started analyzing the maps.  I feel in a decision making process such as this, it is important that a district map, and the number of seats, not be chosen for the benefit of incumbents in future elections.  The conflict would come were there two incumbents in one district.  Incumbents should vote based on the 'best' choice for the City, not for them.  While no conclusions may be drawn definitively for anyone's motives, this analysis is for the purpose of transparency as to possible conflicts between 'best' districts and personal wishes for re-election.

Here are the results:

MAP    D-1            D-2            D-3           D-4            D-5          D-6            D-7

5-1    Dan            Will           Gloria        -              Brett/Lucas  -              -

5-2    Dan            Will           Brett/Lucas   Gloria         -            -              -

5-3    Dan            Will           Gloria        -              Brett/Lucas  -              -

5-4    Dan            Will/Brett     Lucas         Gloria         -            -              -

7-1    Dan            Will           Brett         Gloria         Lucas        -              -

7-2    Dan            Will           Gloria        Brett          Lucas        -              -

7-3    Dan            Will           Brett         Gloria         Lucas        -              -

7-4    Dan            Will           Brett         -              Gloria       -              Lucas

7-5    Dan            -              Brett/Will    -              Lucas          Gloria       -

7-6    Dan            Will           Gloria        Brett          Lucas        -              -

Dan and Gloria have no incumbent opposition in any scenario.  All four 5-seat scenarios have one conflict, three of which are Brett/Lucas and the other of which is Brett/Will.  Only 7-5 has a conflict in the 7-seat scenarios, also Brett/Will.

Of course, if anyone isn't running, this analysis is moot on them.  Tonight should be interesting.

Alan C. Miller is a 40-year Davis Citizen who calls Old East Davis home.

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  1. Alan Miller

    I am curious if anyone knows if any of the incumbents are planning not to run.  I thought I heard a rumor, but I couldn’t substantiate it so didn’t want to put it in the article.

    1. Bill Marshall

      Perhaps… perhaps not… I’ll not have any say in 2020 as to who is elected to CC… ok…

      My preferred option was to have all district seats open in 2020, two for 2-year terms, three for 4-year terms… two districts will be de-enfranchised in 2020… they’ll need to wait until 2022 … it is what it is… some districts will have the benefit (?) of having their own rep, and “access” to 2 at-large folk for the next cycle… it is what it is…

      I’ll comment further on today’s thread…


        1. David Greenwald

          Speaking afterwards with some of the council members that was actually a key reason why some didn’t want to go to seven – they did not want the confusion of four and two year seats.  Take that as explanation not advocacy or defense.

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