Cocaine and Heroin Found in Davis Vehicle


By Lauren Zaren

On the evening of October 23, 2019, at a gas station, the Davis Police Department executed a search warrant for Genaro Tamayoosua, who was suspected to possess illegal substances. Officers discovered cocaine and heroin in his vehicle and Mr. Tamayoosua is charged with possession for sale of a controlled substance and the transportation of controlled narcotics.

Officer Derek Russell, of the Yolo County Special Investigations Unit (formerly called YONET), was the first to testify during Friday afternoon’s preliminary hearing. He searched the defendant’s house in Sacramento County and found 11 grams of cocaine HCL in a sandwich bag in a bedroom drawer, $3,000 in a screw container, and 3 additional plastic baggies on top of the vanity.

Upon searching the bedroom closet, he found an additional $2,000 and a baggie with 3.5 grams of heroin in a shirt pocket. He also found a scale box in the closet, but could not locate the actual scales. No drug paraphernalia was found.

The second witness was Officer Milliron who works under the same Special Investigations Unit for Davis PD. The unit was surveilling Mr. Tamayoosua and his vehicle due to an active search warrant. The officer conducted a vehicle search at a gas station in Davis and discovered 24.9 grams and 1.7 grams of heroin in a cocking tube in a cocked gun. He also found 1.9 grams of cocaine in the vehicle. However, no “pay-out” sheets, scales, or cutting agents were located.

Finally, he found a blue flip phone which rang several times during the search. When Officer Milliron answered the phone, he learned he was speaking to Jim, who needed “what he got last time.” When asked “black or white,” Jim answered “black,” a street term for heroin. The officer could not recall how the first call ended but he remembers being called back. At this point, he asked, “How much?” to which the same caller responded “2 full,” slang for 2 ounces.

Given the circumstances, the officers were convinced that Mr. Tamayoosua was not simply a drug user, but a dealer. The defendant was then transported by Officer Milliron, who spent more than 2 hours with him and had a few short conversations which provided additional context.

Mr. Tamayoosua spoke limited English, but the officer was still able to gather some valuable information during the car ride. He asked if the substance found was cocaine or fentanyl, to which the defendant answered “cocaine.” Mr. Tamayoosua also estimated he had one ounce of heroin in his vehicle at the time of his arrest.

The defendant also told Officer Milliron that he snorts both drugs, which may explain the lack of paraphernalia in his vehicle and residence. The officer was not able to communicate in any more detail due to the language barrier, and could not find out what amount of each drug Mr. Tamayoousa uses each day. These additional facts were meant to help officers distinguish if he was a user or dealer of these illegal substances.

Given the evidence presented, Judge Paul K. Richardson decided to hold Mr. Tamayoosua to answer for both counts, first a felony charge for the possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, and second a felony charge for the transportation of controlled narcotics. The defendant faces additional drug charges which will be handled in Sacramento County, where he resides.

An arraignment will be held on November 22 at 10 am in Department 13.

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