Man Allegedly Demands $500 in Preliminary Hearing to Return a Car He Stole


By Abigail Henderson

WOODLAND – A man is charged with felony theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle after allegedly stealing a pickup truck from a Woodland resident.

The defendant, David Carillo, allegedly stole a pickup truck that his wife had sold during his time in jail. His wife allegedly needed money to pay their bills and sold it for $2500 to a man and his daughter. Mr. Carillo later demanded $500 to return the truck to the new owners.

This was captured on surveillance footage obtained from a Ring video camera near the entrance to the residence.

The first witness, the new owner of the truck, testified to the purchase of the car. Although at the beginning of his testimony it seemed like he bought the car, later it was made clear the purchase
was made mainly by his daughter.

As the first dispatched officer and the second witness, Officer Nott testified to his involvement in the investigation. He was given the Ring surveillance the owner’s house had and identified the defendant.

In the surveillance video, the suspect was heard saying, “I had a friend steal the truck and it’ll be $500 to return it.” It was said in Spanish, so an interpreter was needed to translate.

The third and final witness testimony in this preliminary hearing came from the daughter of the victim, the main purchaser of the stolen truck.

She was not set to testify today, but the prosecution, Mr. Robbins, called her as a witness after hearing the testimony from the first witness.

Mr. Carillo approached this witness with the $500 threat that was heard and seen on the security footage. She also testified to personally knowing the woman she bought the truck from, the wife of Davis Carillo.

After the testimonies of each witness, the defense and prosecution rested, and Judge David Rosenberg held the defendant to answer. However, he did admit there was very little evidence to see in trial.

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