Man Allegedly Hit with a Skateboard and Left with 4 Facial Stitches


By Abigail Henderson and Coco Wang

WOODLAND – The defendant allegedly hit another man in the face in the parking lot of Star Zone, a smoke and vape shop, with a wooden skateboard he had been riding.

In a preliminary hearing on Friday, the defendant, Candelario Garza, was charged with felony assault causing bodily injury after he allegedly struck his friend’s face with a skateboard, resulting in a lip wound that required four stitches.

The first witness to give testimony was the alleged victim in this case. He recounted the events on the night of Jan. 13, 2020, as well as the day before.

On the day prior, Jan. 12, the complaining witness had been hanging out with friends in the parking lot of Star Zone, when Mr. Garza rode up on his skateboard, appearing to have been beaten up.

At that time at least, the victim considered Mr. Garza a friend and asked Mr. Garza what had happened.

The witness said Mr. Garza responded with a racial slur, calling him the “n-word.” The witness then told Mr. Garza to stay away from him.

On the day of the alleged assault, the defendant rode up to the parking lot where the witness was hanging out and swung his skateboard at him. The defendant missed the first time, but on the next swing, he struck the victim in the face, leaving the victim with a laceration on his lip.

On his way to the hospital, the victim was picked up at a Carl’s Jr. by Officer Whipple, dispatched to find out what had happened.

Officer Alexander Whipple was second to testify. He was dispatched on Jan. 13, to the incident at Carl’s Jr.

After conversing with the alleged victim, Officer Whipple inspected the surrounding area of Carl’s Jr. and discovered Candelario Garza nearby, carrying two skateboards.

According to Officer Whipple, one of the skateboards was made of wood, about 2-3 feet in length. It was also broken into two pieces.

The other skateboard was smaller in size and was made of plastic.

Officer Whipple testified that he did not smell any alcohol on Mr. Garza and did not check whether he was under the influence of any narcotic.

The defense attorney submitted a Penal Code section 17b motion to reduce Mr. Garza’s felony to a misdemeanor.

Judge David W. Reed stated this case could either be considered as a less serious felony or a more serious misdemeanor, and denied the 17b motion at the time.

The arraignment is scheduled for March 6, 2020.

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