Husband Charged with Felony after Allegedly Stalking His Own Wife

By Abigail Henderson

WEST SACRAMENTO–A man allegedly stalked and harassed his wife for several months after she filed restraining orders against him.

Eduardo Perez Olivares, the defendant, was charged with two felony stalking charges and five misdemeanors for resisting police, vandalism, battery against a spouse, violation of a protective order, and endangering the health of a child.

The wife, the alleged victim in the case, gave her testimony first.

Mr. Perez’s wife of 14 years and mother to his two children explained that her initial reasoning for the restraining orders was his drug use and consequent bad behavior.

After these protective orders were issued, Mr. Perez allegedly became hostile and aggressive toward her, leaving her in constant fear of being watched.

Undeterred by the law, Mr. Perez would allegedly sneak into her home every other day. One night, after sneaking into her bedroom, the defendant allegedly removed her blanket and began yelling at her.

Other alleged incidents involved Mr. Perez slashing the victim’s tires and throwing a propane tank in her direction.

Mr. Perez’s wife called the police more than a dozen times in similar instances to this. She also estimated the defendant entered her home illegally over 40 times.

The defense asked the witness questions about the nature of their relationship before and after the restraining order was placed. She explained how she ended the relationship approximately eight months ago and the defendant’s brief court-allowed contact with their children.

The second witness, Officer Samuel Gee with the West Sacramento P.D., was an investigating officer into over sixteen calls made to police by the defendant’s wife.

Officer Gee explained that he noticed the excessive amount of calls made from the victim’s residence to the police. He scheduled to meet with her to understand what she was experiencing.

In their meeting, the victim stated that Mr. Perez was not scared of her calling the police. He allegedly would laugh at her and threaten to damage her vehicle and property if she did.

The victim also admitted to her thought of moving away, but she thought it too unfair when she was the one that did nothing wrong.

Officer Guillermo Zuniga was the final witness to testify. He was the officer dispatched on Dec. 9, 2019, to the victim’s home on a domestic violence call. A helicopter and a canine unit were required to apprehend the defendant, who was found on the scene.

Judge David Rosenberg held the defendant to answer on all counts except Count 5, the endangerment of the health of a child. He did not believe there was sufficient evidence to hold Mr. Perez to answer on that.

The arraignment is scheduled for March 17, 2020.

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