Witness Refuses to Testify in Drug Trial, Fearing Repercussions


By Lea Barrios

WOODLAND – Methamphetamine and heroin were found in a man’s car when he was allegedly on his way from Davis to Vacaville.

The defendant, Kevin Glawson, is charged with the possession of a controlled substance for sale, the transport and sale of a controlled substance, the possession of narcotic paraphernalia, and the possession of a narcotic controlled substance.

As the trial progressed, a witness was scheduled to be called in with “use immunity,” also known as being absolved of prosecution of any information that would be revealed about him in his testimony, so long as it is truthful.

He appeared ready until he suddenly changed his mind, stating he doesn’t want to testify even with immunity for fear of repercussions on the street. He asserted his 5th Amendment privilege and accepted that refusing to testify could result in contempt of court and a misdemeanor.

Judge Paul Richardson raised a few issues, which were that they need to be given an opinion of whether or not the drugs found in the defendant’s car meet the qualities of a felony. He also said there is a possibility of automatic reversal.

The People called Kimberly Sand, the senior criminalist who tested the drugs in the defendant’s car, to testify.

There were three items: methamphetamine with a net weight of 5.409 grams, heroin with a net weight of 0.848 grams, and methamphetamine with a net weight of 111.00 grams. The defense asked her if she tested the potency of the substance. Ms. Sand said that her department, the California Department of Justice, tests the substances qualitatively, not quantitatively—which meant the potency was not tested.

Judge Richardson commented that the trial is moving quite quickly and will reconvene March 12, 2020

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