Breaking Down COVID-19 in CDCR Facilities 6.19.20


As of June 19th, CDCR facilities have reported 3,420 COVID-19 cases and have tested 28,315 individuals. Over 80 cases have been reported since yesterday. California Institute for Men reported one more COVID-19 related death today, making their death toll 16. There have been 18 deaths across the CDCR system thus far.

The number of cases at CA State Prison San Quentin (SQ) has nearly doubled since yesterday. They currently have 80 confirmed cases and have tested over 860 individuals.

Cases are spreading rapidly at California State Prison Corcoran (COR), CA Rehabilitation Center (CRC) as well.

CA State Prison in Sacramento (SAC) reported its first case Wednesday. The facility has been testing its population at high rates for the past 2-3 weeks; their tested count is 188. CA State Prison Solano (SOL) also has one confirmed case, they have tested over 60 people since Monday making their current tested count 564.

The number of confirmed cases and testing in the CDCR system is the highest at Chuckawalla State Prison (CVSP). CVSP reported 1,009 cases and has tested 2,287 individuals. Avenal State Prison has 923 confirmed cases and has tested 3,777 individuals.

Note: The definition of tested aligns with that prescribed by Johns Hopkins University. The tested count reported by a facility includes the total number of tests for which results have returned, and not the total number of tests administered.

Source: The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) reports COVID-19 information through a daily dashboard that is accessible here –

Edited and compiled by Aparna Komarla


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10 thoughts on “Breaking Down COVID-19 in CDCR Facilities 6.19.20”

  1. Chris Woodland

    Well sounds like Gavin [Newsom] needs to make it mandatory for all prisoners to wear face masks and if they don’t comply let them die.


    1. Keith Olsen

      I’m wonder, now that Newsom has made it mandatory to wear face masks in California in most situations do they make prisoners wear them too?  If not, why not?

    2. Keith Olsen

      Chris, have you seen the video of prisoners purposely trying to infect themselves with COVID?

      Chris, welcome to the Vanguard. We could use some more conservative voices on here. I hope you stick around.

      1. Keith Olsen

        LOL, don’t be such a cynic.

        Maybe Craig Ross will make a comeback?

        How about Hewitt Dixon…..he played running back for the Raiders.


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