Criminal Justice Reform Bill Introduced Last Week As Part of Juneteenth Legislative Package

Shirley Weber

The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) announced an expansion to their 2020 legislative package and called for the Capitol Dome to be light up in red, black and green. As we celebrate Juneteenth, we recognize the American ideal and promise of equality, have not yet been fulfilled. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the worldwide outcry for police reform, we have introduced legislation to invoke structural change. The introduction of new legislation and by lighting the State Capitol in red, black and green, we demonstrate our commitment to making that promise a reality in California.

We looked at previously introduced bills that did not make it through the legislative process in earlier sessions. We also received a few new proposals from social justice groups that often sponsor police reform legislation. Most of the bills on this list focus on police accountability.

“The events in recent weeks have highlighted the ongoing problems of excessive policing in communities of color, overreaction to peaceful protests, unwarranted use of deadly force and lack of accountability for officer misconduct. These cyclical patterns undermine the public’s confidence in law enforcement’s ability to keep us safe. In some cases, we are convinced that they have abandoned the essential public trust altogether to pursue an agenda of intimidation, brutality and curbside executions. The reform measures we introduced are necessary steps toward restoring that lost confidence. The CLBC has a legacy of pursuing policies that ensure public safety means safety for everyone,” said Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber, Chair of the CLBC.

“I am proud of the legislation our Caucus has put forward to push our state in taking a leading role in combatting this vicious cycle of racism and police brutality. We look forward to working with our colleagues and the Governor to pass these necessary measures and ensure that the future of policing in California adopts a culture of empathy and service,” said Senator Steven Bradford, CLBC Vice Chair.

Members voted unanimously to add the following bills to the 2020 Legislative Package to build on the needed change within our criminal justice and public safety systems.

  • Peace Officer Decertification (Bradford)

Prevents peace officers, who have been let go for misconduct, from moving around from one law enforcement agency to another.

  • AB 1196 Carotid Chokehold (Gipson)

Ends the use of this practice by law enforcement in California.

  • AB 1506 Independent Investigations for Police Deadly Force

(McCarty, Weber, Bradford)

Would create an opt-in Department of Justice Deadly Force Oversight Division to investigate officer-involved shootings and use-of-force incidents.

  • AB 1185 Sheriff Oversight (McCarty)

Strengthens existing citizen Sheriff Oversight bodies and helps increase transparency and accountability — not to mention preventing expensive taxpayer use of force settlements.

  • AB 2342 Parole Reintegration Credits (McCarty)

Allows formerly incarcerated to reduce their parole term by going to college or actively engaging in community volunteer activities.

  • Duty to Intervene and Report (Holden)

When in a position to do so, officers shall report and intervene when they know or have reason to know, that another officer is about to use, or is using, unnecessary force.

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1 Comment

  1. Keith Olsen

    These cyclical patterns undermine the public’s confidence in law enforcement’s ability to keep us safe. 

    I totally agree with this.  Being part of the public and seeing law enforcement back off letting protesters and rioters topple statues, deface and burn buildings, break windows, take over blocks of a city and create chaos I have no confidence that law enforcement will protect anyone.  That’s why gun sales are going through the roof.


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