No ‘Love’ Tops Yolo County Mental Hearings Roundup

By Armando Alonzo

WOODLAND – In the first in a series of mental health hearings in Yolo County Superior Court here Thursday, Juanita Beatrice Love had no “love” for her attorney Zachary Malinski.

After a give and take between the two, Love was released by Judge Timothy Fall on supervised “OR” (own recognizance, zero bail) until an appropriate treatment is available. This is a course that Love would have to choose to take, said the court, but she was physically in a different space than her defense attorney was at that moment.

When they come back June 15 for trial setting, her counselor believes there’s a good chance that she will have already been placed in a program. And he believes that it would likely be in everyone’s best interest in terms of her welfare as well as for scheduling for all parties.

Judge Fall said that he was completely open to giving Love’s attorney the time requested to see about getting her into a program. He ordered that she can be released on supervised OR, and transported by probation, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, Turning Point, Health in Human Services Agency, Public Defender’s Office’s investigator, or social workers.


MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. This hearing was to review the Mental Health Court issues for a Carrlisa Caver before a pre-hearing conference. According to her defense attorney, James Bradford, Caver has been referred to Neighborhood Court, and is participating in the programming.

They were waiting for a space with the Health Center in Sacramento before they could complete the specifics of that programing. But Caver has obtained housing and she is in compliance with her terms in engaging with probation.

Her next hearing would be a pre-hearing conference in which the court will review her status in the program, on July 16 at 9 a.m.


MASSAGE DISMISSAL. For another hearing, John Sage was present in court, representing defendant Karen McIntire. She is currenting out-of-custody on her own recognizance.

John Sage from the Yolo County Public Defender’s office indicated that he would like to “massage” a dismissal for the case.  He has been in contact with McIntire’s parents. She has a caseworker and a public advocate form the National Care Advisers from Solano County. She also has a court date in Solano County on September 11.

However, the PD admitted that at the moment she is in the wind. Both her parents and her caseworker do not know where she is. She has a mental illness, and they are attempting  to control her behavior more effectively.

Sage is hoping that she turns up in Solano County for the arraignment September 11 if they find her in Solano County. He would ask to continue the matter sometime after September 11.

The DA’s office has reviewed the report as well but strongly suspects that if a conservative-ship is imposed on her then he would dismiss the case because the COVID-19 delays.

Judge Fall offered Thursday, September 24 for the pretrial conference and status of an out-of-county Solano conservatorship.


ALCOHOL ED COURSE. Another hearing took place for proof of enrollment in an alcohol education course. Gurpinder Singh Randhawa was the defendant in the matter, but strangely neither he nor his Public Defender Alfred Cook were present in the Courtroom.

Stephanie Novelli was present for the District Attorney’s office. Judge Fall decided to push the hearing out for another two weeks. He also stated that his clerk will let Cook know that the court will recall the case on June 18.


PROBATION REPORT. In the case for out-of-custody defendant Justin Severson, Novelli was present for the People.  Bradford was present as Severson’s Public Defender. Judge Fall let everyone know that the court has the probation report and proposed probation grant, but Severson is not present.

Bradford let the court know that he has been in contact with Severson over the stipulated probation sentence. They asked to continue the case onto a later date.

Judge Fall asked Novelli whether July would be a good time to finalize the sentencing. She agreed. July 16  will be the new scheduled date for the sentencing.


COVID DELAY. Stephanie Novelli was present for the people.  James Bradford was present for Haylie Krug and waived her appearance. There was actually a different public defender on the case. The court did send out a continuous notice back in April due to the COVID-19 outbreak to continue to June 4th.

Unfortunately, the original public defender has not been able to reach the defendant by phone.

The case was reset for July 15.

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