Sacramento Judge Declares $800K Bail Excessive, Reduces to $225K after Defendant Intervenes


By Angelina Caplanis

SACRAMENTO — An expected simple scheduling hearing in Sacramento County Superior Court last Friday, June 12, instead turned into a full-fledged bail review when defendant Majestic Boyd interrupted proceedings to plead for a reduction in his $800,000 bail.

Remarkably, the judge granted his request.

Boyd, 40, faces three independent cases including possession and intent to sell heroin under California Health and Safety Code section 11351.

At Friday’s hearing, Deputy District Attorney Sterling Wilkins and Boyd’s attorney Rodrigo Mayorga agreed to continue, or reschedule, the possession case to a later date. The parties were about to wrap up the hearing after continuing to July 14, when Boyd took it upon himself to make a bail reduction request.

Boyd pointed out that his co-defendant in one of the cases has already received bail. In Boyd’s case, bail was set at $800,000.

Boyd has a significant criminal history consisting of a second-degree residential burglary conviction in 2018, and several instances of joyriding and possession of meth. However, he never served prison time for any violent offenses.

Unable to post the large bail amount, Boyd has been in custody for several months, Mayorga said. In that time, he has been designated as a jail trustee.

An inmate may be designated as a jail trustee if they have demonstrated good behavior while in jail. In exchange, a jail trustee may receive more freedom or additional responsibilities and privileges.

That Boyd has been designated as a jail trustee demonstrates his improved behavior, Mayorga said. Additionally, Mayorga argued the current bail at $800,000 is excessive. and a lower bail around $150,000 would still ensure Boyd’s appearance at the next court date.

Wilkins objected to any reduction in bail. Regarding the charges under section 11351, Wilkins said Boyd was a passenger in a vehicle with a known narcotics offender when he was arrested, and more than 50 grams of heroin was found in his possession.

Under the current charge pursuant to section 11351, the bail amount is tied to the weight of the narcotics found on the defendant’s person.

Boyd began to vehemently dispute Wilkins’ account of the recent charge, until Judge Oros warned him of his right against self-incrimination.

When Judge Oros inquired into Boyd’s criminal history, Wilkins proceeded to recite his record in full, concluding with Boyd’s first offense in 1997 when he was 18.

Mayorga pushed back, arguing that although his client has a record, all the court needs to ensure is that Boyd will appear at the next hearing date and that he is not a threat to society. Mayorga added that Boyd has shown good behavior in jail, and he will appear at the next date.

Notwithstanding Boyd’s criminal record running “unencumbered” from the early 2000s through 2018, Judge Oros agreed with Mayorga that $800,000 bail is excessive.

Judge Oros reduced the bail in two of Boyd’s cases by half, from $150,000 to $75,000 each. Then he reduced bail in the possession and intent to sell charge from $500,000 to $75,000, an 85 percent reduction.

Boyd’s cumulative bail is now $225,000. The case is set to return July 14, 2020. It was not known if Boyd paid the reduced bail and was released.

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