Defendant’s Possible Mental State May Influence His Rock-Throwing Trial


By Elizabeth Cho

WOODLAND – A few months ago, Jeffrey Matthew Corson allegedly threw a rock at a courthouse entrance door, and was then charged with vandalism. But his adventures have only continued.

Court documents suggest the events leading up to his arrest and his review hearing this week indicate Corson may not have been mentally stable at the time of allegedly throwing that rock.

Yolo County Superior Court Judge Timothy L. Fall has already found, in an earlier preliminary hearing, sufficient evidence to try Corson for vandalism.

Corson was supposed to show up at his review hearing this week, but reportedly forcefully refused to do so. During the hearing, it was revealed that Corson had not spoken to anyone since his detainment. This led to further questions about his current and past mental health, which could affect the charge that he faces.

But Corson was not at the courthouse for his review hearing, leading Judge Fall to say, “We will have to decide if there is anything else we can do.”

This led to a discussion about Corson’s current situation in jail. There had been very few attempts to analyze Corson’s mental health while he was detained until now. He has still not had a psychological evaluation, but his lack of communication and the way he acted while committing the crime seemingly warrants one.

Called in to schedule an appointment with Corson was Katherine Warburton, medical director at the California Department of State Hospitals. When Judge Fall asked if Warburton would be able to do a psychological evaluation with Corson, she initially agreed.

However, it seemed that Corson’s lack of communication might affect the appointment, noted Warburton, who said, “I was not aware that Corson was not speaking to anyone, and… Well, that changes things.”

But, after further discussion, Warburton cleared up that she could still do the evaluation, but with different “strategies.”

It was also revealed that there were many attempts to move Corson to Crestwood Behavioral Health, seeing as it would be a better fit for him. However, it appeared that Corson’s attorney, Ronald Johnson, was not aware of these attempts. This led to even more confusion about where Corson was and where he should be.

Until Warburton can have an appointment with Corson, Corson will stay in the county jail, the court decided. The time restriction for that appointment is within the next two weeks. Depending on what Warburton decides, Judge Fall will then decide Corson’s status and charge.

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