Man Held after He and Woman Attack Another Woman with Gun, Child Watches

By Evelyn Valerio

SACRAMENTO – A Sacramento man is currently being held in custody for a violent assault with a gun and corporal injury on a woman, as a second woman snatched the gun and participated in the attack—all while a child watched.

That was the story related to the court here late last week in Sacramento County Superior Court at the initial hearing for Gary Medina—charged with two felony counts of assault with deadly weapon or firearm on a person and corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant—and Lisa Taylor, who joined in on the attack.

On September 16, 2019, Taylor, ex-girlfriend of Medina, was picked up by the alleged victim in an attempt to get their nails done. But, because of COVID-19 closures, they were unable to accomplish that, and returned to the pick-up area where Medina was located.

Instantly, Medina allegedly rushed out of the apartment with a gun and a child, reached into the driver side door and began to strike the alleged victim with a hand gun.

Judge James P. Arguelles stated there was a “tussle” for the handgun after Medina struck the alleged victim, which led to the struggle of Taylor and the alleged victim. Taylor punched her.

Testimony from two sheriff’s deputies indicated the alleged victim thought Taylor was “acting suspiciously” in the car ride.

After getting back to the apartment, Medina walked up to the car, opened the driver seat door, and pistol whipped the alleged victim three to four times and struck her on the face and side of the head. Medina then bit the alleged victim’s upper right back. Taylor rushed out to retrieve the handgun and proceeded to punch the alleged victim.

“That’s what you get bitch,” said Taylor, referring to Medina’s attack.

The in-car struggle continued, and the alleged victim was bitten on her right thumb, breaking the skin. Both defendants caused the alleged victim to have the following injuries: laceration on the upper right back with teeth marks on the thumb and upper right back, and several scratches on the right bicep. Her nose was injured and there was a slight bruise on her forehead.

Taylor’s defense attorney, Justin Mixon, argued the alleged victim had said nothing about Taylor having a gun.

“Out of the play at that point,” stated Mixon in response to accusing Taylor of pointing the gun at the alleged victim.

According to detectives, there was no acquired DNA evidence from the alleged victim’s bite of the thumb.

Judge Arguelles mentioned Medina didn’t appear for scheduled hearings prior to July 1, 2020.

Taylor is currently out of custody, while Medina is held in the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove. The bail amount set for Medina on both counts is $75,000 with another hearing is set for Aug. 3. Until then, Medina is not permitted to have any contact with Taylor or the alleged victim.

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