Defendant Complains of Poor Treatment at Jail, Calls it ‘CIA Black Site’ – Mental Competency Questioned

By Cailin Garcia

WOODLAND — During an arraignment on August 14, 2020, Defendant Emery Jinnah Dongo complained of inhumane treatment at Yolo County’s Monroe Detention Center, calling it at one point a “CIA black site.”

However, he is also set to be evaluated as to his mental competency.

Dongo is currently involved in six cases in Yolo County, all of which await a PC § 1368 (mental competency) report before they can move forward. The judge will then ask the opinion of the defendant’s attorney as to whether the defendant is mentally competent.

Dongo’s deputy public defender, whose name was indiscernible due to the quality of the livestream, stated that he received a report that a doctor has not yet been able to meet with Dongo and render an opinion of his mental status.

“I don’t know if the court wants to put it out and make another attempt at an assessment or find that Mr. Dongo, at this point, cannot rationally assist council. I have attempted to meet with him and have been turned away,” said Dongo’s public defender.

But before the public defender could finish speaking, Dongo, who was attending court from the detention center via Zoom, interrupted.

“As of July 14, my court date was skipped by the COs [correctional officers]. I was actually left in my cell for an entire week without any type of clothing,” alleged Dongo.

“I was not given any food for multiple days and my water was cut. I did not have any mattress in my cell. No bedding at all. They are running a CIA black site here. They’re not following any COVID-19 protocols at this county jail,” Dongo continued.

Dongo finished by insisting that he is mentally competent and no longer needs legal counsel.

“I already told the attorney multiple times that I am representing myself. I don’t need to speak to no doctor. I am completely adequate and competent to stand trial,” he stated.

Judge Timothy L. Fall still had doubts about Dongo’s mental competency.

“Based on the information presented and the doctor’s inability to do an evaluation per lack of cooperation, I’m going to take the defense’s invitation and find not competent and unable to cooperate with council,” ruled Judge Fall.

Dongo attempted to interrupt multiple times, but Judge Fall simply thanked him for his input and continued explaining his decision to suspend Dongo’s criminal proceedings.

Judge Fall said that the criminal proceedings of Dongo’s case will be suspended until Aug. 24 while the court waits for Harper Medical Group to advise on Dongo’s condition.

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