Judge Won’t Release Defendant Accused of Threatening to Kill Sister


Defendant Allegedly Threatened to Kill Her by ‘Slitting Her Throat and Putting a Bullet through Her Head’

By Yuanqi Ivy Zhou

SACRAMENTO – Defendant George Delavega, accused of threatening to kill his sister by “slitting her throat and putting a bullet through her head” with the weapons he was found to possess in his residence, still asked Sacramento County Superior Court Commissioner Ken Brody to release him without bail last week.

The court didn’t waste any time in declining.

Assistant Public Defender Steven Lewis told the court that Delavega should be released because he’s becoming eligible to receive social security benefits that could pay for bail, that he’s never missed a court date, has suffered significant brain damage, and has a home to return to upon release.

“He definitely wants to get out of custody because important matters are going on,” said Lewis.

Deputy District Attorney Kitty Tetrault strenuously objected, noting that “the victim is very scared” and pointing out Delavega was charged for two misdemeanors in 2006—one for violation of a protective order under California Penal Code section 274.6 (a) and another for drawing or exhibiting a deadly weapon in a threatening manner under California Penal Code section 417.

Tetrault then detailed the present charge for his imprisonment.

Delavega, Tetrault said, lived in the same house as his sister and sister’s boyfriend at the time of the incident. Prior to the incident, Delavega was involved in an argument with his sister as well as her boyfriend.

Afterwards, Delavega had been drinking, and came to his sister and her boyfriend’s door. Allegedly, he was banging on her door and saying he was going to kill her by slitting her throat and would kill the both of them by putting a bullet in their heads. He further threatened that “once your boyfriend leaves, it is fair game.”

Delavega’s sister said that she will not underestimate Delavega because, she told police, he is a dangerous man, providing his threats which she recorded on her cell phone. Witnesses include her boyfriend and another person. Police officers found a BZG pellet rifle, a .22 caliber pump action pellet rifle, a Benjamin Regal pellet rifle with a scope, and a machete in its sleeve next to the pellet rifles.

The prosecutor said Delavega did have the means to go through with his threats—that he will “slit her throat and put a bullet in her head.”

Tetrault requested, on behalf of the victim, a protective and restraining order for the defendant because he expressed a desire to kill “evil people” such as her sister. If Delavega were to get out of custody, Tetrault argues that he would seek revenge because his sister called police.

“I don’t believe that him receiving SSI benefits outweighs the danger that he is to the victim and community in this case…asking bail to remain set at schedule,” the DDA closed.

Commissioner ruled that Delavega continues to be a threat to public safety and the two victims, and kept the bail at $25,000 dollars, quipping, “Mr. Delavega will not be getting out of custody today.”

Delavega’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 8 in Superior Court Department 9.

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