Admitted Car Thief Asks to be Released Before Prison to Meet with Family


By Zhuoshan Liu

SACRAMENTO – Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Ma had a serious conversation with Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Jaime R. Roman in the middle of a courtroom Tuesday about whether suspect Vorobets Vadim should be released for a few days to complete paperwork for his daughter.

Vadim is charged with unlawfully taking a vehicle, using a firearm.

After admitting guilt, according to Assistant Public Defender John Casey, Vadim asked the court to release him for several days to take care of his family, especially his daughter. According to him, there was some paperwork needed to be completed by him for the daughter. He was also eager to see his mother one more time.

“He has some grounds. He would like to see his mother one more time. He needs to be able to secure his property. He also has some paperwork he needs to fill out regarding the child,” said Mr. Casey.

“My new child, she is turning in two. I just want to give the paperwork to my mum to do the whole legal thing. I haven’t seen my daughter yet. I will really appreciate it if I can be released,” said Vadim.

After listening to the request, DDA Ma pointed out that on May 29, suspect Vadim unlawfully took a vehicle against that person’s will. It is a felony violation.

According to Ma, on that day, the suspect looked at the vehicle posted for sale. One of Vadim’s friends checked the vehicle and Vadim’s girlfriend took the victim on a test drive.

After the vehicle parked at a certain place, Vadim approached the vehicle and opened the door. Then he used a weapon to hit the victim’s nose. After that, they drove the car away and left the victim there.

The deputy district attorney also claimed that on February 6, 2009, Vadim was involved in a robbery when he was 17 years old. DDA Ma argued that the release of Vadim would be dangerous.

“This is a pretty serious offense involved with a weapon, violence, a victim that was vulnerable and was actually hurt by this case, so I would not agree with any waiver, your honor,” said DDA Ma.

“Involving some other people, setting something like that up, and then on top of that the kind of violence…hitting that fella even if it is necessary when you took his car. I can’t tell the people in this community I am going to release you,” said Judge Jaime R. Roman.

Although the judge decided not to release the defendant, he did agree to allow him to spend 30 days in the local county jail before being sent to prison—this way, it would be convenient for Vadim to visit with his family.

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