Tense Family Relations: Woodland Man Breaches Restraining Order for Father and Sister – Four Times

By Nicole Gonzales

WOODLAND – A Woodland man now faces trial and seven charges against him in the Yolo County Superior Court, including vandalism, dissuading, and violation of a court order—four times.

Defendant Robert Glenn Barron, Jr., appeared in court today for a preliminary hearing regarding his charges. The court was set to hear to witness testimony and arguments of counsel, and to view presented evidence.

Deputy District Attorney Preston Schaub called four deputy sheriffs to testify about their interactions with the defendant on multiple occasions.

Barron previously had restraining orders against him from several family members. According to the court and the testifying deputy sheriffs, he violated these orders several times.

The first of the four to testify was Deputy Robert Middleman. He recalled an incident on the night of June 4, where he was dispatched to a residence near California Highway 113 after a man reported that his son was violating a court order.

The man allegedly called officers after getting into an argument with his son, at which point the son became verbally abusive and left on foot. Police were aware that Barron had an existing domestic violence restraining order prohibiting him from entering the residence and protecting two family members from him.

After searching the residence, officers located Barron in a neighbor’s backyard, 20 feet away from his father’s residence despite his court order stating he must stay 100 yards away. He was detained, searched, and placed into a patrol car.

Upon cross-examination, Middleman did recall Barron’s father saying he allows his son to occasionally enter the residence to clean and perform small tasks. He also allows him to stay in a travel trailer in the back of the main house, from time to time.

Deputy Jose Vera said he recalled the night of June 10, when he arrived at the same property for a court order violation by Barron. The defendant’s sister had called officers, alerting them that Barron had been on the premises and was attempting to stay there before he left the scene on foot. He was quickly located in the area and arrested. The suspect insisted he had not contacted his sister while at the house.

On the afternoon of June 21 another officer was called to the residence for similar reasons. Deputy Doreo remembered the defendant’s sister saying she saw her brother leaving the main house with “an arm full of food items,” citing this as a violation of court order.

Barron’s father also reported to officers at this time that his backyard travel trailer was vandalized, and his son had told him not to report the incident.

The final officer to testify at the hearing was Deputy Lawrence Turner, who had been called to the scene over a restraining order violation and an alleged disturbance. After Barron was located in the backyard travel trailer, he was arrested and booked at the Yolo County Jail.

After hearing all testimony and reviewing evidence, Judge David Rosenberg dropped the stalking charge, stating there was insufficient evidence for that particular count. The other seven charges still apply and include vandalism, dissuading a witness, unauthorized entry of private residence, and four counts of violation of a court order.

The judge reduced the pre-existing $50,000 bail to $40,000 and scheduled an arraignment for Oct. 15.

Deputy Public Defender Lisa Lance’s request that Barron be placed in a residential program was denied.

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