Defendant Ignores No Contact Order, Assaults Pregnant Mother of his Children


By Julian Navarro

SACRAMENTO – Judge Curtis M. Fiorini ruled in Sacramento County Superior Court last Thursday that a defendant—who allegedly broke into the apartment of his former partner and terrorized her and held her against her will—needs to stand trial.

At a preliminary hearing, the court learned that on Sep. 25, Antonio Ramos was arrested for first-degree residential burglary, corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and false imprisonment of his victim. On this date, Ramos allegedly broke into the apartment of the victim.

During the altercation, the defendant fell on the victim, who is five months pregnant and is expecting his child.

During the court hearing, police Officer Samuel King was summoned to give testimony about the day of the incident between Ramos and the victim. On Sep. 25, King was dispatched to the apartment of the victim due to an unsuccessful 911 call.

As Officer King arrived at the scene he was met by a female passerby who told him that she heard something like breaking glass coming from a nearby apartment. When the officer arrived at the scene it was all quiet. The officer was given information by the witness that this apartment is known for constant domestic violence incidents between Ramos and the victim.

Officer King and his partner located the apartment in question. As they entered the apartment they heard the victim of the apartment crying as the officer called her name. In about 10 seconds the victim appeared, crawling on all fours.

King noticed that there was a possible physical alternation that occurred, with items thrown on the ground and furniture out of place. After the officers told the victim to find a safe place they started to ask her questions about where Ramos was, and she pointed out that he was in the back bedrooms of the apartment.

The victim was questioned by the officer and told them that she was the wife of Ramos and has children with him, including the child that she is five months pregnant with. The altercation allegedly began when Ramos arrived at the apartment—the victim asked him to leave, a conflict ensued and she started to call 911, but she said Ramos swatted the phone away.

The victim said Ramos grabbed her and put his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet. As this was occurring, Ramos told the victim, “You’re w.. and I’m going to need to shut you up.” He told her if she didn’t keep quiet he was going to “lay her out.” This altercation led to Ramos and the victim somehow falling to the ground with Ramos’s body on top of her pregnant stomach.

After Ramos continued threatening the victim, she said he barricaded the apartment using furniture so she couldn’t leave. Shortly after, she tried to get the attention of the neighbors by tapping on the windows of the apartment. In about 10 minutes the officer arrived on the scene.

On cross-examination Assistant Public Defender Ashely Marin Burg asked Officer King if the door was tampered with, and he said it was, but he didn’t know when, only that there have been previous occasions. The screwdriver that was used to break in was later found when the officers conducted their search of the home.

The officer said the victim denied medical attention when asked, although she had a swollen lip, but there were no other markings.

For the charge of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, the public defender argued there was not sufficient evidence due to no traumatic condition…there was the swollen lip from Ramos allegedly having his hands on her mouth, but there was no blood and the victim didn’t need to go to the hospital.

APD Burg also said it was not false imprisonment because the victim was in the kitchen tapping on the windows of the apartment and, as for the barricade, there wasn’t evidence of it once the officer appeared at the scene.

Judge Curtis M. Fiorini ruled that Ramos did conduct a first-degree residential burglary for breaking in with the screwdriver and with a no-contact order in place. He also ruled it was corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, even though it was a minor injury. And the judge said it was false imprisonment, because the victim was trying to leave and Ramos did not let her.

The judge said Ramos will face trial. Next court hearing is on Nov 3, 2020, for arraignment at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 60 in Sacramento.

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