Letter: Call-a-polooza Starts Now

By Scott Steward Ragsdale

If you are reading this and have not participated in a phone-bank to get out the vote – you still can.  Your local  Indivisibleyolo.org has training, spirited phone banks and does the work.  Hundreds have joined together.  We want you too! IndivisibleYolo.org has a phone bank for you.


A year ago (an age ago) a President  hangs-up with Turkey’s totalitarian leader and declares our decade old Kurd alliance (defeating ISIS) over.  Thousands of our allies died within a week, an entire population displaced and justice voices systematically killed.

Today that same President has condemned tens of thousands of Americans to a lonely death from COVID 19.  His solution is to encourage armed hate groups to kill more people and attempt to deny a voting majority.

Forced nomination of the Federalist Society product, Amy Barrett, is more injustice.  The people cannot and will not abide and the suburbs will not provide shelter from the reach of Trump’s injustice.

What we have experienced, in Trump’s leadership of America, is not love.

Luke 6:43-45 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

What fruit has Trump, and those who should know better, brought forth? Violence, death, sickness and destitution.

Put aside your excuses and pitch in to defend our civil exercise of power.  Vote and more.  A calendar of many ways to make a difference awaits.  IndivisibleYolo.org.  Contact indivisibleyolo@gmail.com.   You are exactly what is needed right now.

 Scott Steward Ragsdale is a Davis resident.  This is my own appeal and Indivisible Yolo was not consulted about its content.

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