Letter: Davisites Organizing to Protect the Results of the 2020 Election

by Vera Sandronsky

Many of us locally and throughout the country have become increasingly concerned that there might be a post-election crisis scenario where Trump prematurely declares victory and tries to stop counting votes before they are all counted, any time from election night onward. Another post-election crisis scenario is where Trump loses the election but refuses to concede. These scenarios would be an undemocratic power grab, also called a coup. In other countries we have seen how nonviolent mass protests are effective in preventing this power grab.

There are steps we can all take now to educate ourselves about what to do to protect our democracy. Protect the Results is a nonpartisan effort and not focused on a particular candidate. For information about local efforts and to get involved, please contact Indivisible Yolo at https://indivisibleyolo.org

The need to become informed and involved is urgent since the election is less than a week away.

Indivisible Yolo is coordinating with two national coalitions: Protect the Results at https://protecttheresults.com/ and Choose Democracy at https://choosedemocracy.us/ Both of these national coalitions have helpful training resources and additional information about how to get involved now.

Ordinary citizens need to stand up to protect our democracy—for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, and for future generations.

NOTE: Local groups, as part of the nationwide coalitions, have already planned a gathering in the evening of Wednesday November 4th after the election to hopefully celebrate a successful and fair election, or protest if a coup takes place, i.e. negating of the results by voter suppression or an early end to vote counting (think 2000 Florida).  Get information at Indivisible Yolo above so you can be informed of this and other events.  Voting problems may not manifest themselves in California, but local groups elsewhere in US may need our support.

Vera Sabdronsky is a Davis resident.

Support our work – to become a sustaining at $5 – $10- $25 per month hit the link:

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  1. Keith Olsen

    Another post-election crisis scenario is where Trump loses the election but refuses to concede. 

    This is so typical, Hillary Clinton tried the same tactic in 2016, saying that Trump wouldn’t accept the election.  Except Clinton lost and it was Democrats who tried to fight the results.

    We all know what will happen if Trump wins, there will be mass riots all over the country.  Those riots will be pushed by Democrats and leftists who won’t accept the election.

    So yes, Davisites should be organizing to protect the results of the 2020 election no matter who wins.

     Antifa and Black Lives Matter, along with other far left groups across the country, are promising there will be riots if Donald Trumps wins re-election, and challenger Joe Biden loses.



  2. Bill Marshall

    This is so typical, Hillary Clinton tried the same tactic in 2016, saying that Trump wouldn’t accept the election.

    Tactics?  Absolutely correct… wrong source…

    Trump, in 2016, prior to Clinton’s remark, said, basically, “if I’m not elected, the election is ‘rigged'”, and he lost the popular vote, won electoral college…

    Trump, in 2020 has said, in essence, “the election is rigged”… “if I’m not elected, proof that the election is rigged, particularly with regards to VBM’s!”… and, “I will not necessariy abide by the results of a rigged election”… (paraphrased, but his recorded words…)

    So states with large VBM’s (Washington, Oregon, CA… likely, NY and other ‘blue states’) should have their results negated, thrown out… the scenario that he would do the Bush thing about FL (when FL was the pivot point for who would win) and get it to the Supreme Court… that scenario is not paranoid.  But he has the “ace in the hole” with three justices that he has appointed, and with a 6-3 ‘conservative’ majority…

    If the Supremes buy it, Trump will win in an amazing landslide (electoral college)… think, Nixon vs McGovern…

    Don’t worry Keith… one way or the other, president Trump will still serve come February… one way or the other… and McConnell will probably propose a new constitutional amendment to allow a President to run for as many terms as they wish… Putin has done this in Russia… ‘better “red” (double entendre intended) than out of power’, right (double entendre intended again)?

    I say this as someone who is not a Democrat, and neither a staunch liberal, nor conservative…

    [Trump is right, the elction is rigged… as much as he has been able to]

    1. Bill Marshall

      BTW… Supreme Court decision, regarding Wisconsin, is telling… even if you VBM, have a Nov 3 (or earlier) postmark, if it is not “received” by 8  P, Nov 3, it is void.  Republican judge said so, Supreme Court affirmed it… strictly applies to WI only, but the precedent is set… expect it to apply nationally…

      Given the new Postmaster General was appointed by Trump, and is a significant political and financial supporter of Trump, and has said that as a cost saving measure, mail delivery times may well increase… connect the dots… if you are VBM, use the “where’s my vote” site… spouse has already got confirmation her vote has been received… I will drop mine off at a site where I know it will get to the County, on time.

      The Supremes, if you follow their logic, imply that if it is not in the queue (counting site) to be counted, it doesn’t count.  So, everyone who votes in person (or drops off a VBM), Nov 3, is subject to having their vote negated, as the polling locations (VAC’s) don’t close until 8, will take about an hour to get to pickup points, another 30+ minutes to get to Woodland… figure that won’t happen that way… but it might…

  3. Tia Will

    Bill is right about the approximate timing. We worked the polls at the Dunnigan polling station last election. It took us about 1.5 hours to get the last stragglers through, close the station, reconcile the totals, pack up, load the car and take the ballots and all equipment to drop off station in Woodland. We were done a little after 9:30.

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