Loud Muffler Dispute Leads to Alleged Gardening Shears Threat, and Felony Trial


By Nina Hall

SACRAMENTO – Loud mufflers are….well, loud. In a case that was heard here Thursday in Sacramento County Superior Court, it purportedly led to physical threats against one person, and maybe jail for another person.

Anthony Beshilas is currently charged with a felony, and a violation of probation for committing the new felony. Beshilas had previously been out on probation for a former offense when he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputy District Attorney Mai Trieu called the victim/witness to take the stand and describe the events that took place on February 19. The victim, a local resident of Sacramento, testified that he had been physically and verbally threatened by the defendant after the victim approached the defendant’s vehicle.

The victim testified that he knew Beshilas, who went by “Sky,” because he was his neighbor for about a year. The two had no formal interactions other than occasional small talk. The victim noted the only thing he knew about Beshilas was that he drove a truck with an incredibly loud muffler that could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

On the day in question, the victim allegedly heard Beshilas’ truck outside while visiting with a neighbor in his residence, and he went outside. The victim described approaching the vehicle and attempting to have a conversation with the defendant. The noise from the muffler inhibited the two from having any kind of conversation.

As a result, Beshilas reportedly got out of his truck, took gardening shears from his back pocket, and proceeded to threaten the victim saying, “Do you want to get stabbed in the neck?” It was reported that at this time the shears were about a foot away from the victim’s neck.

At this point, others had become aware of the altercation happening outside and a few stood witness. One witness even reportedly approached Beshilas, distracting him long enough for the victim to take him to the ground and remove the shears from his possession. The victim alleged that the only injuries he sustained were from his own actions in disarming the defendant.

The victim/witness then released Beshilas after he took an apologetic tone and asked to get up. Once he was released, Beshilas got in his truck and left the scene.

Beshilas’ attorney, Hendrick Crowell, pleaded with Judge Porter to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Crowell asserted that Beshilas had been acting in self-defense after an argument had occurred.

Trieu was quick to dismiss the idea that Beshilas was acting in self-defense, charging, “This is not misdemeanor conduct. The victim indicated and testified to the court that he approached the defendant, and he and the defendant couldn’t even hear each other because the muffler was so loud.

“The victim was trying to have a conversation with the defendant about it, and the defendant without provocation pulled out gardening shears, got within a foot of the victim’s neck and did threaten to stab the victim in the neck. I think the conduct here and the fact that the defendant was already on probation for a 243(d) (aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury) makes this a felony,” said Trieu.

The court agreed. Beshilas is set to stand trial in early December for a felony.

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