Man Beats Cousin with His Own Cane in Assault Case

By Lauren Smith

SACRAMENTO – There was no love lost between cousins, according to testimony here in Sacramento County Superior Court Wednesday in the preliminary hearing for a man who threatened and then beat his disabled cousin with the cousin’s own cane.

Det. Jacob Prue detailed an assault investigation that took place on Feb. 17, four days after the alleged assault occurred.

In his testimony, Prue recounted the alleged victim’s statement that “on [Feb. 13] he was walking around the park with a friend of his…when they were approached by a black Audi sedan. The sedan stopped right next to them, the driver got out and [the victim] recognized the driver as his cousin.”

Prue continued to detail that, as defendant Jonathan Miles approached his cousin, he started asking where his money was. The victim stated that he did not remember owing any money to Miles. The alleged victim also stated that once he told the defendant “I don’t owe you any money,” the assault began.

According to the statements made to Det. Prue, the defendant “struck…with a fist on the left side of the face,” knocking the victim down. In May of 2019, the alleged victim had suffered a stroke and required a cane to walk. During the assault, the defendant picked up that cane “and began to strike” his cousin with it.

The victim stated that he was on the ground trying to defend himself when he heard “multiple voices telling Miles to stop.” When the assault stopped, the victim saw the defendant get back in his car and drive away.

Det. Prue added that the victim reported “some abrasions on his right elbow and right knee area, and he had some swelling on the left side of his face near his temple.”

As part of the investigation, Det. Prue spoke to other witnesses and the friend the victim was with. Through his questioning, Prue learned that “the cane broke during the beating, it was discarded and [the defendant] began to assault [the victim] with his hands.”

In the week following the assault, the victim received a text from the defendant that was “threatening in nature,” stating, “You coward…I hit you from behind, too funny…I told you I was playing…if you want to redeem yourself…tell me when and where, I’ll dog walk you again.”

According to Det. Prue “dog walk” means “a violent assault.”

In another incident following the Feb. 13 assault, the alleged victim was walking home when the defendant drove up next to him and “threatened to kill” him. He stated he took the threat seriously and was afraid the defendant would “follow through.”

In the third incident following the assault, the victim stated to Det. Prue that when he was on a walk in that same park where the assault originally happened, the defendant approached him once again.

The victim further claimed that the defendant “again threatened to kill” him and was “reaching into his waistband in a gesture that [he] believed was the same as reaching for a gun.” Det. Prue testified that no gun was ever found.

Based on Det. Prue’s testimony, Judge Kristina Lindquist stated that there was “sufficient evidence” to keep the assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury charges against the defendant.

Miles’ trial will begin on Dec. 14.

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