Sacramento Defendants Cheer and Dance in Courtroom after Case Dismissed


By Cailin Garcia

SACRAMENTO – Co-defendants Joshua and Jamal Cross were ecstatic when their cases were dismissed last week by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

So excited, in fact, they let out cheers in the courtroom.

Both defendants were being charged with two counts. The first was a felony involving robbery, specifically carjacking, Penal Code section 215(a). The second was felony assault and battery against another person, PC section 245(a)(1).

Joshua Cross appeared in court first, present in custody. His defense attorney, Jared Favero, appeared with him via Zoom call.

Danielle Abildgaard was the Deputy District Attorney assigned to Joshua and Jamal Cross’s case.

“I understand the People have a motion, Miss Abildgaard?” said Judge Scott Tedmon.

“Yes, your Honor, the People move to dismiss for insufficiency of the evidence,” Abildgaard stated.

“That motion is granted, the case is dismissed. Mr. Cross is released on this case forthwith,” said the judge.

“Booyah!” said Joshua Cross in response to the dismissal, “Thank you!”

The other co-defendant, Jamal Cross, appeared next in court, in custody. His public defender, Samantha Ting, was also present via Zoom call.

Again, Judge Tedmon asked Abildgaard to state the People’s motion.

“The People move to dismiss for insufficiency of the evidence,” Abildgaard stated again.

Immediately after Judge Tedmon granted the motion, Jamal Cross threw up his arms in surprise.

“Wait, I can go? I can go? I can go home?” asked Cross.

“Yes, you’re done Mr. Cross. You’re released,” answered Judge Tedmon.

Much to the amusement of the judge and counsel, Jamal Cross began dancing around the cell, called the cage, in the courtroom. He cheered as he danced, so loudly that his words were barely discernible over the Zoom call’s audio.

He thanked everyone profusely as he exited the room, fist pumped in the air. “I don’t know you, but I love you folks!” said Jamal Cross before his cheers were difficult to understand through the Zoom call.

“I don’t think we can transcribe that for the record, but I’ll note that Mr. Cross seems pleased,” said Judge Tedmon, smiling.

“I caught ‘I don’t know you but I love you!’ so I want that on the record, actually,” joked Cross’s public defender Samantha Ting.

Judge Tedmon laughed in response, wishing the two attorneys a good weekend before they logged off of the Zoom call.

Per the dismissal, Joshua and Jamal Cross will not be returning to court for this case.

For the record, Jamal Cross did spend about a week in jail—even though the DA said evidence didn’t exist showing he committed the crime.

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