Yolo Elections Office Sends Wrong Local Race to 371 Households and 581 Registered Voters in Yolo County

The Yolo County Elections office on Friday, issued a statement that acknowledged that of the 115 thousand Vote-by-Mail ballots mailed this week, 371 households / 581 registered voters countywide received a ballot containing an incorrect local race or measure.

According to their release, “This error occurred due to a transitioning of data systems, where not all streets were correctly carried over into the appropriate precinct as expected.”

“Within hours of confirming a potential error, the Yolo County Elections Office determined the number of impacted voters and households and is implementing a plan to correct the problem.  This plan includes expediting to all impacted voters newly issued precinct ballots and voter information guides along with a letter describing the error,” the release stated.

Here are the affected areas…

The office also indicated, “Unique to Davis, 90% of the registered voters impacted live in the Covell Commons Condos and the 8th and Wake Apartment complex.  Efforts are underway to directly contact the property management entities associated with these properties.”

“Any voter contacted by our office who received a ballot with incorrect contests should discard that ballot and fill out and return the new one.  If a voter already filled out and mailed back their originally received ballot, we will cancel that ballot once the new one is received.  This will ensure that no voter is able to vote twice,” they added.

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        1. Bill Marshall

          Yes… “stories”… pretty much all coming from conservative Republican sources… no documentation provided for independent verification… the Republican shenanigans in Florida during the Gore/Bush election are VERY WELL DOCUMENTED… by non-partisan sources

          One ‘reported’ “story”… 9 ballots, all marked for Trump, found in a wastebasket… yeah, right (pun unintended)… so someone knows the precise number, location, yet not 1 has been retrieved, nor photographed for verification… news flash, a heavily intoxicated bunny was found wandering the streets, in Decatur, IL, saying his basket was stolen by the tooth fairy… film @ 11:00… true “story”…

          Any “story”, repeated often enough, becomes ‘fact’ to some… Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao knew this…

        2. David Greenwald

          Completely agree Bill.  I have yet to see a solid reporting that substantiates a claim.  By solid I mean – non-partisan source, on the record, verifiable.  I think it’s irresponsible for Keith and others to be doing this and undercutting the trust in our democratic instructions.  Keith, I know you are a partisan, but you need to re-think this.

        3. Bill Marshall

          David… one conspiracy theory has some ‘legs’… that China and/or Russia intend to disrupt trust in the US elections… they have many ‘useful idiots’ in that effort… folk like Comrade “…….”.

          The genius is using anti-left/”right conservative” folk to attack others, to effect their ‘plan’… actually, Chinese communists, and Russian communists, aren’t… it’s all about power by the “inner circle”… neither countries really give a damn about ‘the people’… but they promote the lie that they do… add the current US administration to that group… all three tend towards autocracy, central power, and disinformation…




    1. Bill Marshall

      The error rate is ~ 0.5 % (0.005)

      That rate is ~ same (or less) for those who ‘spoil’ their VBM, or misplace them (the dog ate my ballot)… we “fix” that all the time… over the # of days that the VAC’s are open (2, between UCD and Davis) this is not an election security/disenfranchisement armageddon…

      Lame snipe, Keith… join the Trump Army (aka Proud Boys? [POTUS told them to “standby”]) and be a poll watcher… make sure you forward complaints of all ‘irregularities’ (including those of the poll watchers ) to the Trump campaign, and even the legitimate authorities… your duty as a citizen…

    2. Eric Gelber

      What could go wrong with all mail in voting?

      Well, partisans on the right could spread misinformation, bogus conspiracy theories, and outright lies about the security of mail in voting in an effort at voter suppression and to undermine the integrity of an election they know is not going their way.

      1. Bill Marshall

        Nah… that hasn’t been happening much in the last 3 months, nor will it happen much in the next 3 months… yeah, right… at least the SCOTUS will have a newly appointed justice to make sure his Highness will outlast any vote, both popular and Electoral College… seems he feels he should have a lifetime term, like the justices… and his B-Buddy Putin…

        Of course, if POTUS, , clearly wins both votes, the election will be OBVIOUSLY ok… (and Republicans control both Houses, of course… otherwise Republican losses will be obvious fraud)

        You nailed it, Eric…

        I hope for (not predict) a ‘sweep’… Republicans will still control the Judiciary Branch…

  1. Keith Olsen

    I think you all need to do a little more research on the mail in voting problems many states are experiencing.

    Here’s just one for starters:

    Voters in New York City received absentee ballots with the wrong names and addresses on their ballot envelopes, adding confusion to how they’ll vote and whether their votes will count in the November election.
    Some 100,000 voters were affected by the printing error, officials said Tuesday, which caused the envelopes voters use to return their ballots to have the wrong names, addresses and voter IDs on them.


    I’ll supply more proof later.  Headed to the pumpkin patch with the grandkids right now.

    Stay tuned!

    1. Eric Gelber

      Believing he will lose, Trump has been attempting to undermine voter confidence in the integrity of the election through repeated false claims about mail-in voting. E.g., https://www.factcheck.org/2020/09/trumps-repeated-false-attacks-on-mail-in-ballots/. He has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that mail-in voting is a scam being perpetrated by Democrats to steal the election.

      As the article you cite makes clear, the NY incident had nothing to do with voter fraud. It was a printer error and it is being addressed. The article quotes FBI Director Christopher Wray’s congressional testimony that his agency had not seen any evidence of coordinated national voter fraud: “We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it’s by mail or otherwise.”


      1. Keith Olsen

        As the article you cite makes clear, the NY incident had nothing to do with voter fraud.

        Where did I say it was fraud, I wrote mail in voter PROBLEMS.

        Here’s some more evidence of mail in voter PROBLEMS:

        Between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for, according to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots and ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail.
        States and local authorities simply have no idea what happened to these ballots since they were mailed – and the figure of 28 million missing ballots is likely even higher because some areas in the country, notably Chicago, did not respond to the federal agency’s survey questions. This figure does not include ballots that were spoiled, undeliverable, or came back for any reason.



        1. Eric Gelber

          I wrote mail in voter PROBLEMS

          “Problems” can and do arise with any kind of voting. (See, e.g., Bush v. Gore.) Trump and others on the right aren’t talking about mere problems—they are raising issues of a fraudulent, stolen election and refusing to commit to the peaceful transfer of power.

        2. Eric Gelber

          And as to your 28.3 million unaccounted for ballots, that claim is highly misleading. See https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/mail-in-ballots-missing:

          What’s True

          Some 28 million ballots sent out to voters over the course of four elections from 2012 to 2018 were neither returned as undeliverable nor returned by voters.

          What’s False

          The 28 million figure primarily represents uncast (rather than “missing”) ballots and is not indicative of widespread voter fraud (nor necessarily indicative of the potential for such).

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