Guest Analysis: Yolo County Presidential Election Returns


Returns as of Sunday (11/8) at 8 am

Compiled by Alan Hirsch from county elections data

Historical Note: In 2016 In the City, Hillary got 82%, Trump 11.5% Trump held his own but 2/3 of 3rd party vote shifted to Biden

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5 thoughts on “Guest Analysis: Yolo County Presidential Election Returns”

  1. Tia Will

    A grateful shout out to my part of town, OED which along with central Davis and downtown were the bluest of blue at 91%, and to Alan for compiling the results for us.


    1. Bill Marshall

      “Being Blue” isn’t intrinsically good, or bad… a lot of non-blues/non reds had a lot to do with the outcomes… it is the convinctions, ethics, moral judgements that count… those do not necessarily follow ‘red/blue’ trajectories… it is not ‘dichotomist’… many nuances… as an NPP, had problems with the Biden/Harris ticket… more problems with the Trump/Pence ticket… chose the lesser of two sub-optimal choices… many others, across the political spectrum, did the same…

      It would be foolish, and the azimuth of hubris, to parse the election as “red/blue”… just saying…

      And, remember that Demos are losing %-age registrations to NPP… folk who are increasingly fed up with hegemony… in CA, “reds” have seen a dramatic shift in the last decade ( Reps are now the 3rd largest ‘party’)… the “blues” are slowly, consistently, following suit…

  2. Alan Miller

    100036 – 89 – 9 – 2

    What this tells me is that I’m in the top 98th percentile of intelligence in my district.  No wonder I can’t find anyone to have an intelligent conversation about politics with.  Of course, as older people know, it used to be we could live side-by-side with people of different political views and in most cases discuss without being disagreeable.  Those days are long gone, replaced with vitriol, anger and demonization.

    I am Satan 😐

    WHO are YOU!

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