Two Neighbors Attack Each Other with Knives, Sword, Baton, Gun

By Julian Verdon

SACRAMENTO – A violent confrontation between two neighbors escalated into an altercation involving knives, a sword, a baton, and a gun, according to testimony here in Sacramento County Superior Court Friday.

Kai Martin-Waters found himself in custody for assault with a deadly weapon, and Deputy District Attorney Kitty Tetrault explained how a tense conflict ended with Martin-Waters firing several rounds and hitting his neighbor in the leg with one of the bullets.

DDA Tetrault explained that the victim heard arguing from the apartment above him between Martin-Waters and his girlfriend. The neighbor decided to intervene at that point and confronted Martin-Waters.

“An argument and altercation ensued between (Martin-Waters) and the victim. Each had weapons. The defendant had a knife, and the victim had a sword. Someone called the cops and the altercation dissipated at that point. But before the cops came, the defendant showed the victim he had a gun and threatened to shoot him,” said DA Tetrault.

The police calmed the situation down, but the next day the victim and Martin-Waters saw each other again, and another altercation ensued. Both were accompanied by their girlfriends, who got involved in the fight as well.

Although the neighbor likely believed he was doing the Martin-Waters’ girlfriend a favor by confronting him, she actually sided with her boyfriend and allegedly attacked the neighbor’s girlfriend.

“The victim had a baton and a knife at one point, and the defendant had the firearm. The defendant’s girlfriend then got involved at that point. . .the defendant’s girlfriend came at the victim’s girlfriend. The victim pushed the defendant’s girlfriend away. It seems like he used his baton (to do so). At that point, the defendant pulled out the firearm,” said the DDA.

“The victim saw the firearm, and he and his girlfriend began running away and as the victim was running away from (Martin-Waters) with his back to him (Martin-Waters) then fired multiple rounds at the victim. One of those rounds did hit the victim in the leg,” explained DA Tetrault.

DDA Tetrault then explained that although Martin-Waters only had a juvenile record, the facts of the case should keep his bail at half a million dollars or no less than the set amount because he posed a threat to the community.

Before Martin-Waters’ attorney, Michael Wise, could interject, Martin-Waters said he wanted to say some things on the record. He explained that he would not discuss the case’s facts but just who he is and what he had hoped to accomplish before the incident.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley then explained the court would not entitle that kind of information to carry much weight at the process’s current stage. However, Judge Frawley said he would allow him to state it if he so wished.

“First, I would like to thank Mr. Wise for representing me here today and thank the rest of you for hearing me out. I would like to start by saying that I am a good man who has goals and aspirations in life. My ideal career is to be an electrician,” said the defendant.

“Before my arrest, I was taking steps to achieve this goal. I was searching for jobs so I could buy a car and support myself. I was looking into local electrician classes in the Bay Area so I can continue my path of getting my journeyman’s license in four years with the proper experience and knowledge,” he added.

“Today, I ask that my bond be set at a reasonable number so instead of being stagnant, I can continue with positivity with my life and continue striving to reach my goals and be a man that my family can continue to be proud of. I ask that the court allow me the opportunity to be with my family for the holidays,” said Martin-Waters.

Martin-Waters then said if the court allowed him out for the holidays, he would either be employed or a student at his next court date. Attorney Wise then said he wanted to add some facts to the case that DA Tetrault did not cover.

Wise first stressed that Martin-Waters had no adult record and was a young man, adding, “When the (victim) pushed Martin-Waters’ girlfriend, he had a long ‘Rambo’ knife as well as the baton at the bottom of the staircase.”

Wise’s version differs from DDA Tetrault’s telling of the story where she said that the victim used the baton, not the knife, to push away Martin-Water’s girlfriend. Wise’s version also insinuates that Martin-Waters retaliated by firing his gun out of concern for his girlfriend after the victim pushed her.

Judge Frawley then decided to lower the bail from $500,000 to $125,000 while also adding a no-contact provision. After the defense and prosecution settled on a date in January, Martin-Waters thanked Judge Frawley.

Julian Verdon is a senior at UCLA majoring in English. He is from Los Angeles California.

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