Man Threatens to Kill Family after Taking Photographs in Their Front Yard


By Alana Bleimann

SACRAMENTO – Robert Hasse—earlier this month found “incompetent” to stand trial—Monday was ruled by Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Kevin J. McCormick, after a preliminary hearing, competent enough to go before a jury .

Victims and witnesses in the case independently expressed the defendant was “crazy.”

Hasse, who has a long criminal record, is charged with two felony counts of threatening death or great bodily injury after a May incident when he threatened a victim from her front lawn.

Officer Jared Dailey was dispatched to the home of the alleged victim, her boyfriend, and her 13-year-old daughter after receiving a disturbance call, and said he spoke to the victim about 20-30 minutes after the defendant, the victim said, made repeated deadly threats.

The victim stated that “an unknown white male adult” came onto her front lawn, photographing items, which were not identified by the victim.

The victim also indicated that “she thought he (defendant) had mental health issues or was under the influence” of drugs or alcohol.

At the time, she informed the officer, her 13-year-old daughter and her boyfriend were also present, and also observed the defendant and heard his threats. There were also children in the neighborhood.

The daughter was on the front porch, eating, when she heard the defendant say, “I am going to kill all of you,” and “I am going to kill you…you’re all dead.

“The guy looked crazy..shaken…he was very mad,” the daughter told officer Dailey. She added that she was afraid of him because “of how he looked.”

The boyfriend was able to peacefully escort the defendant from the front lawn, who proceeded to state that he “was going to come back tonight and kill” the whole family, testified the officer.

The victim had never seen the defendant before but, due to the threats, she believed they were credible, according to the officer. The daughter also stated she was in fear of her own safety, he added.

After the boyfriend escorted the defendant from the property, the victim thought the suspect went to a nearby residence “about 200 yards” from her own.

Officer Dailey responded to this nearby residence in which there were multiple males standing outside. The males told Dailey the suspect was inside and gave him his name.

Dailey walked to an “outbuilding that was converted to a bed area or outdoor living” where the defendant was seated outside of the outbuilding. He was then arrested.

Judge McCormick found the defendant should stand for trial, and has a status conference scheduled for January of 2021. Previously, as indicated, Hasse was found incompetent to stand trial.

Alana Bleimann is a junior at the University of San Francisco majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice Studies. She is from Raleigh, North Carolina.

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