Sacramento Homeless Union Gives Steinberg 72 Hours to Resign or Face Recall

Hundreds of Union members, community volunteers ready to circulate recall petitions; Say NO MORE DEATH ON THE STREETS!  Union demands Steinberg also resign his position as Chair of the California State Commission on Homelessness

Mayor Darrell Steinberg can shed all the crocodile tears he wants, but he has admitted responsibility and will now be held accountable for failing to provide indoor shelter as last week’s storms carved a path of destruction and death in Sacramento’s Homeless Community.

There is plenty of blame to go around for what the law terms “deliberate indifference” relating to the recent storms, including the failure of the County Health Officer to carry out her obligations under the relevant sections of both the California Health and Safety and Welfare and Institutions Codes.

However, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on Steinberg who had the legal authority and failed to exercise it to prevent widespread destruction of encampments, injuries and fatalities. Even the coroner has admitted that the deaths of at least three and possibly more unsheltered persons may have been attributable to existing medical conditions aggravated by the extreme weather conditions about which both the City and County had advance notice

The Union will be making additional demands which will be backed up with new court filings, this time most likely in Federal Court, where recently the Santa Cruz Homeless Union won Federal injunction halting the planned destruction of a 200-person encampment in San Lorenzo Park.

“Darrell Steinberg has cynically used a crisis that he helped create to advance his agenda of forced internment of the homeless and the false narrative that the unhoused are all mentally ill,” says Sacramento Homeless Union President Crystal Sanchez.

“Under Darrell Steinberg’s watch, the City of Sacramento violated County Health Orders, broke up camps and exposed the unhoused to increased risk of harm from COVID-19,’” says Homeless Union Attorney Anthony Prince. “We took him and the City to Court and got a Writ of Mandate. Now, because it was completely foreseeable that last week’s storm would also result in destroying encampments and he did nothing about it, we believe he and the City are in contempt of court and will be taking action accordingly.”

“We will be filing a complaint with the State Attorney General requesting a criminal investigation. We’ve had enough. More storms are expected this week,” says Union President Sanchez. “Last year over 100 unhoused persons died on the streets of Sacramento. We are fed up. The broader community is outraged. Sacramento is a failed state and we’re holding Steinberg accountable. He has 72 hours to resign or we start the recall.”

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  1. Chris Griffith

    Does he have any statues of himself in Sacramento anywhere???

    Maybe they can find some pictures of him too deface in the state capitol building.

    Just trying to give him ideas 😃

  2. Chris Griffith

    You know if you boys and girls are going to go by the term  Sacramento Homeless Union your going to need a good union organizer and you need to go after jobs not freebies it’s better to live in a box and have a job you can always save your money and get a place to rent.

    Don’t go after low hanging fruit like Steinberg he can’t do a damn thing you guys you need to go after the big boys go for the governor go for the State legislature and don’t tell them you want a freebie tell him you demand a good education and you demand jobs tell those boys you want to bring yourself out of poverty that’s where the big bucks are at.

  3. Ron Oertel

    Now, because it was completely foreseeable that last week’s storm would also result in destroying encampments and he did nothing about it, we believe he and the City are in contempt of court and will be taking action accordingly.”

    And here I thought that this wasn’t his responsibility.  Apparently, I have a lot to learn.

      1. Ron Oertel

        Much like “Funny Ron’s” appearance, yesterday, today we have “Funny David”. 🙂

        Though you had a pretty good set-up to work from.

        In any case, some might say that this is the result of allowing those camps in the first place. Which touches upon issues beyond the mayor, as well.

  4. Alan Miller

    Steinberg is a ***** and I want him taken down, but for this?

    So the logic is, don’t dismantle the homeless camps – but when a storm causes destruction of the camps, it’s the fault of the person who didn’t dismantle them for ‘doing nothing’?

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