Cool Davis Looking for Board Members

By Pavan Potti 

DAVIS — During the Natural Resource Commission meeting on Feb. 22, Cool Davis members Chris Granger and Larry Greene provided the commission with updates on the group’s progress. Cool Davis also announced they are recruiting more board members.

Established in 2010, Cool Davis is an educational organization aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. 

According to the members, the organization currently runs four campaigns: Rooftop Solar, Electric Vehicle, Make a Plan (Home Heating and Cooling) and Cool Homes. 

All the campaigns were created with the intention of advocating and educating people about environmental sustainability and helping them make the transition to renewable energy sources. 

The members claimed that all the campaigns had been successful until the pandemic hit, forcing them to cut off any in-person interaction through campaign fairs and presentations. They remain optimistic that this will not be a long-term problem. 

Moving forward, the members introduced their initiative for the new year called Powering Forward: A Call to Action 2021. Granger and Greene explained how in 2021, Cool Davis will respond to the call for equity and social justice in addition to renewing their response to the climate crisis. 

They hope to do this by teaching people about their individual responsibilities for the climate crisis as well as social justice. In addition, the group aims at providing access to more leadership roles so that people can have the opportunity to share their voice and make an impact within Cool Davis. 

The Cool Davis team concluded their update by sharing that their organization is currently seeking seven board members who are committed and enthusiastic about the Cool Davis initiative. 

Pavan is a third year student studying Economics from Fremont, California.

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  1. Richard_McCann

    Cool Davis is looking for board members particularly in three catergories:

    – With an interest in facilitating community engagement during the upcoming City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan development led by the Natural Resources Commission. This can include program development and implementation for community action.

    – Students interested in leading advocation of community participation in implementing climate action solutions.

    – Members of underrepresented communities who want to give greater voice for those in carrying out climate action solutions.

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