Ex-Husband Allegedly Storms into Ex-Wife’s Apartment, Holds Her at Gunpoint

By Alex Morgan 

FRESNO – Two police officers testified in Fresno County Superior Court last Friday about how an ex-husband—as described by his former wife and six-year-old daughter—allegedly broke into their apartment and pointed a loaded handgun at the mother of the child.

During the preliminary hearing, Fresno Police Officers John Isaak and Gerald Sepeda were called in to testify over a domestic violence disturbance back on June 18, 2020.

Both claimed to have seen defendant Angel Samuel Munoz driving away from the scene in a silver sedan, and, after talking to the defendant’s ex-wife, they learned that Munoz allegedly threatened her with a loaded gun.

They said that on June 18, around 6 a.m., the officers were dispatched to an incident of domestic violence at an apartment complex near the Palo Alto area. As they arrived at the complex, Isaak witnessed a silver sedan with two Hispanic males in the driver and passenger seats.

Officer Isaak recognized one of these males as the suspect, who was described as wearing a black t-shirt and jean shorts, and having neck tattoos.

Officer Isaak further contacted a neighbor with surveillance cameras pointed toward the second floor and observed a Hispanic male with a black shirt and blue jean shorts walking away from the location of occurrence.

Officer Isaak described technical difficulties in viewing the surveillance footage, as it was difficult to discern a clear image or any distinguishing features, such as whether the suspect had any tattoos.

According to Officer Sepeda, the alleged victim told him that she and the defendant were married for three years but were currently separated and living apart.

The victim described to the officer that she was in bed when she woke up to her ex-husband in the doorway, pointing a loaded gun at her. At that moment, the victim grabbed the defendant by the arm and led him outside of the apartment.

Officer Sepeda also talked to the six-year-old daughter of the victim, and then asked her about what she witnessed, who said that at the time of the event, she was in the living room watching YouTube on a laptop when the defendant walked in.

Munoz, she said, shut the laptop and asked where her mother was. The child pointed to the officer’s gun and confirmed that this was what Munoz was carrying. She also stated that she heard a gun click and demonstrated with her hands the motion of racking a gun to the officer.

Defendant Munoz, several years ago had also pointed a gun at the victim and had been arrested for domestic violence charges. Despite being arrested for these charges, the victim does not want to press charges for fear of retaliation from Munoz.

The court ultimately ordered the defendant to answer for his charges at trial and granted the victim a criminal protective order. The next hearing is set for Feb. 18.

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