Court Requires Veteran Defendant to Enroll in Anger Management Counseling

By Jordyn Gleaton

DUBLIN, CA – An Alameda County Superior Court judge denied the district attorney’s request to raise bail for defendant Damond Taylor here last week, and instead required the defendant to enroll in anger management counseling at the Veteran’s Administration. 

Deputy District Attorney Ashley Carvolth asked the court raise bail for defendant Taylor to $210,000 because his original bail amount did not include Taylor’s misdemeanor gun charge as well as his current misdemeanor. 

Assistant Public Defender Eric Mirzaian requested bail remain at $50,000 because Taylor had already posted the bail amount, and argued that this required all of his savings and is more than enough of an incentive to ensure his appearance in court.

Mirzaian emphasized that Taylor has contacted a public defender, made his appearance in court, and ultimately done everything that was asked of him by the court. 

Because Taylor is 34 years old with no prior convictions and has fulfilled all of his responsibilities given by the court, Mirzaian argued that he is not a flight risk nor a danger to society. 

DDA Carvolth stated that Taylor does have a record, which is contrary to Mirzaian’s statements. 

Carvolth explained that Taylor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sexual intercourse with a minor in 2013 and was also arrested in Fresno for a firearm charge which was later dismissed.

Carvolth emphasized that her main concern was the violence associated with Taylor’s current charges, describing how Taylor threatened a delivery driver who was simply trying to scan his identification to finalize the shipment. 

Taylor allegedly became upset, pulled out a firearm from his car, and directed it at the delivery man. 

After the police discovered the gun in the defendant’s vehicle, the delivery man received a text from the defendant. Carvolth recited the text: “‘You better pray to whatever God you worship that I don’t see you again.” 

Carvolth claimed that these physical and verbal threats concern her, which is why she requested bail be set at $200,000.

Mirzaian countered Carvolth’s argument by explaining that Taylor is “very, very different than the person portrayed in the police report.” Taylor is a Navy veteran who served from 2005-2012 until he was honorably discharged. During his service, he was stationed in Japan between 2006-2009. 

Mirzaian also described Taylor’s ties to the community, as he has lived in California since 2012. 

Taylor has a full-time job as a hairstylist at the People’s Barbershop in Oakland, where he works 46 hours a week. In his free time, Taylor is engaged in organizations that work on national interest issues of the U.S. Government.

Mirzaian clarified that the gun used by Taylor in this incident was not stolen but legally registered under his name. Taylor claimed to have bought the gun for self-defense after being a victim of a violent crime in Oakland. 

Mirzaian later conceded that Taylor would be content with going to counseling for a set amount of time as an alternative to raising the bail, as this would allow him to keep working. 

The court ultimately agreed to leave bail at $50,000 because the court “does not believe there is any reason that the delivery man and defendant will see each other again.” 

However, presiding Judge Barbara Dickinson added a condition to the bail, requiring Taylor to enroll in anger management counseling. 

The court stated that Taylor will receive his counseling free of charge under the Veteran’s Administration and has required that he begins before the trial. The court requires proof of this enrollment by his next court date which will be on April 2 in Dept. 702.

Jordyn Gleaton is a court watch reporter for The Vanguard at Berkeley. She is a first year student at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Legal Studies. She is from Tracy, CA.

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Koda is an incoming senior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Rhetoric. He is from Ventura, CA.

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