Pastor Eunbee Ham Speaks Out for Black Lives and against Racialized Violence (Video)

Following the conviction of Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s murder and the death of other Black men at the hands of police, community members gathered in Central Park. Stealing the show, however, was Pastor Eunbee Ham.

New to the community, having come here eleven months ago in May, she said, “We come together to hold the weight of rage, grief and trauma that we feel every time another precious Black life is cut short through police brutality.”

She said, “Our gathering tonight refuses to normalize this recurring massacre of Black and Brown lives. We refuse to stay silent about the continual lynching of our Black and Brown siblings.”

She explained that she is an Asian, woman pastor “representing a predominantly white, affluent, Christian institution that is learning how to dismantle white supremacy within our own organization.”

She continued, “I stand before you racialized as Asian in this country, in the framework of white supremacy.”

She said her role as an Asian woman “is to stay invisible, silent and compliant. White supremacy wants me to keep my head down and be grateful for the crumbs under the table and normalize the killing of my Black and Brown siblings.”

Speaker: “Racialized violence and its varying dynamics in those that have been rendered different stem from the same source of white supremacy.”

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David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Alan Miller

    Did you get a copy of the full speech from someone, or is this the version that cuts off? You had said you were disappointed you didn’t get the whole thing, and I will commit to watching this, especially a full version, as I know words often don’t convey the spirit of a speech.

        1. Bill Marshall

          According to the DCC website, the correct title is Associate Pastor…  DG 8:03 A post…

          But, Alan M posted a good question… I second it… it’s about transparency, not editing/spinning, right?  That would be great “reporting” vs. ‘editorializing…

          (see also, previous thread, where I recall she ‘self-identified’ as ‘Associate Pastor’)

          1. David Greenwald

            Basically they set non-video cameras to cut off recording after 30 minutes. I forgot and failed to restart the recording after it cut out.

  2. Ron Oertel

    Well, make of this what you will.  Just happened across it. Some key sections, below:

    But in dropping a case against Yale University alleging anti-Asian discrimination in admissions, the Biden Department of Justice has signaled it will not enforce the laws currently on the books to defend Asian-Americans in higher education.

    There are two key reasons.

    The first is simple political self-interest. The Democratic Party is largely an alliance of highly educated, affluent whites and disadvantaged “BIPOC” (black, indigenous and people of color) individuals.

    But there is a second, deeper reason beyond servicing their key constituencies. Much of the Democratic Party is currently enthralled by the ideology of critical race theory, which contends that all racial disparities are the product of racism and/or “white supremacism.” The success of Asian-Americans is utterly fatal to this facile worldview.

    Just noticed that they also mentioned the controversy that I’ve brought up a number of times, as well. But, they apparently mislabeled it as being in “San Diego”, rather than San Francisco.

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