Special Vanguard Event on May 6: Big Day of Giving, Featuring Gascón and Brendon Woods

Special Vanguard Event on May 6 – Big Day of Giving

Normally the Big Day of Giving is a time when people across the Sacramento region come together to support their local non-profits. The Vanguard as a non-profit has participated each year.

This year we are going to do something a little different. We are—in addition to raising money all day on Thursday, May 6—having an event at 7 pm.


We feature two amazing speakers.

Los Angeles DA George Gascón

Alameda Public Defender Brendon Woods

How does it work?  Anyone who donates at least $25 for the Big Day of Giving is eligible to attend the event. When you donate, you will be emailed a registration sheet whereby you can register for the webinar.

While the minimum is $25, we do have low income and student alternatives and overall it is a sliding scale—you can give as little as $25 and as much as $5000.

The best part—the first $4000 will be matched! That means donations up to $4000 with be doubled!
So please sign up today by donating to the Big Day of Giving

Go to: http://bit.ly/vanguardbdog

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1 Comment

  1. Alan Miller

    Will Brendon Woods be speaking about his fraternal twin brother, Bretton Woods?

    I know, I know:  By making jokes I’m allowing this stuff to fester.  Which begs the question, what stuff?  Instead, of course, you could target the 70,000 people who didn’t riff on a pun this morning, nor comment at all.  They are the true fester enablers.  All of you.

    Happy Saturday, Vanguard audience.  Pray for rain, LOTS of rain.

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