Accused Defendant Bail Stays at $1 Million – Charged with Exploiting Victim into Prostitution, Beating and Threatening Her


By Stephanie Boulos

SACRAMENTO, CA – Dyrell Whyite’s bail remains at a hefty $1 million after a bail hearing here Monday in Sacramento County Superior Court, Dept. 63, for one of his two cases involving the same victim in which he allegedly exploited her into prostitution, threatened her life and beat her.

Whyite allegedly committed these three felony counts while out on bail, and the probable cause statement as recited by Judge Timothy Frawley charges he exploited the victim by posting escort advisements online and making her work the prostitution stroll in the Sacramento and Oakland areas.

Additionally, the alleged victim stated she gave all the money she made to the defendant and was involved in several incidents in which “her personal liberty was deprived,” as read by Judge Frawley.

The victim also said that on May 6 the defendant became upset with her and beat her, leaving several visible bruises on her face. She said the defendant then proceeded to point a gun at her and threatened to shoot, which led to his arrest for this matter on May 12.

Along with the incident on May 6, the victim described several times when she was isolated from her family and was controlled so much she wasn’t even allowed to have a cell phone.

The threatening didn’t stop there, however, the victim said, alleging the defendant also threatened to hurt the victim’s family if she ever left him and even resorted to beating her when she attempted to escape.

Deputy District Attorney Courtney Martin added to the probable cause statement, noting in early May the defendant was arrested for an incident in which the victim reportedly attempted to escape and he retaliated by hitting her several times and drawing a gun.

In June, after defendant Whyite’s initial arrest, the victim spoke with the police again and reported that after several weeks the defendant bailed out from his first case, and beat her again, threatening her with a gun.

She said the defendant also repeatedly tried to get in contact with her after this and in mid-June found her in a hotel. Allegedly, Whyite rushed the door to the victim’s hotel room, pushed her inside, and kept the victim with him for around a week.

In an attempt to get away from the defendant after being taken by him unwillingly, the victim set up a “date” with one of her regulars and asked him to get her to a place where she could call 911.

The victim’s regular spoke with police officers which corroborated this account, along with text messages between the defendant and the victim.

The firearm mentioned above was never found by police officers in their search, even though the defendant admitted to his possession of it, which indicated that the gun is still out there, which is concerning to the district attorney.

Defendant Whyite posted a bond in the previous case. Whyite’s attorney Benjamin Williams asked the court to release his client on pretrial supervision, charging the victim admitted her previous involvement with prostitution before meeting defendant Whyite.

“I am a little perplexed how a ‘law-abiding citizen’ who at age of 31 decided to become a pimp, and decided to ‘force’ someone, who has previously willingly engaged in prostitution, back into prostitution,” Williams said.

Judge Frawley, after hearing both attorneys, denied the motion to reduce bail, ruling the bail will remain at $1 million because of the victim’s threat to the community.

This case will be heard on pretrial on Jul. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in the same courtroom.


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