Defendant Threatens Victim Immediately After Being Released from Jail

By Angie Madrid

VENTURA, CA — Judge Rocky Baio in Ventura County Superior Court increased defendant Francisco Juarez’s sentence Thursday, after he violated his probation through a positive alcohol test and aggressive contact with the alleged victim.

On June 25, Juarez was charged with a misdemeanor, domestic violence toward the mother of his children. He was sentenced to serve 75 days in jail and, as a condition of his probation, he was to stop drinking alcohol and not contact the victim.

Despite these conditions, Juarez contacted the victim immediately after being bonded out of jail.

Confusion arose within the courtroom after Assistant Public Defender Jasmine Khoshnou admitted Juarez’s violation of probation.

Judge Baio and Deputy District Attorney Brenda Garcia found themselves confused with Juarez’s previous allegations and the new allegations, after hearing the short span of time in which both allegations were committed.

According to PD Khoshnou, Juarez admitted to his previous domestic violence allegations on June 25 and was arrested, to serve 30 days in jail—along with 45 days.

Juarez only served nine days in jail, from June 25 to July 3, after being bonded out. After release, Juarez confronted the mother of his children and tested positive to an alcohol test, both violating conditions of his probation.

Finally, after reviewing the timeline of the case for a while, Judge Baio and District Attorney Garcia understood Juarez’s violation.

Judge Baio reiterated Juarez’s violation, stating, “A lot of these statements are in Spanish. It says, ‘My friends are going to be watching you. Beware because things are just starting.’”

Seemingly unsettled by Juarez’s confrontation, Judge Baio went further, stating, “Sounds like he’s holding her accountable for him getting in trouble and getting punished. And obviously, that’s not okay.”

Juarez shares two or more children with the victim. In his report, Juarez had confronted the mother, stating, “You took my kids out of the country without my consent, and I want them back.”

While considering Juarez’s violation, Judge Baio went back to review Juarez’s first allegations. In his previous allegations, Juarez had verbally assaulted the victim calling her a number of profanities, also stating, “If I see you with somebody, beware.”

Noticing that Juarez continuously does not follow the conditions of his probation, Judge Baio asserted, “Something needs to be done to let him know he needs to obey orders and leave the mother of his children alone.”

Judge Baio proposed to vacate the original 30- and 45- day sentences, replacing that with 100 days in jail, which Juarez has nine credits for.

As a Spanish language interpreter explained the offer to Juarez, Judge Baio apologized to Khoshnou, stating, “Sorry, Ms. Khoshnou. I don’t know what else to do here.”

Juarez decided to accept the offer and admitted he was in violation of his probation.

Judge Baio ended the case, dejectedly stating, “Mr. Juarez, it doesn’t give me pleasure doing this, but something needs to get your attention. You gotta leave the mother of your children alone.”

Francisco Juarez was sentenced to 100 days in jail. His next review date is Aug. 23.

About The Author

Angie Madrid is a fourth year at UCLA, pursuing a degree in Political Science with a minor in Public Affairs. She is from Los Angeles, CA and would like to pursue law in the future.

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