Father and Son Stabbed by Angry Neighbor, Family Claims

By Natasha Pawar  

SACRAMENTO, CA – A Sacramento man allegedly stabbed and physically abused his neighbors over what seems to be a misunderstanding in front of their apartment complex, according to a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Sacramento County Superior Court.

The hearing is set to resume Thursday.

According to the prosecution, Mohamad Alaesa allegedly stabbed his neighbors with a knife, last Aug. 11. The altercation began a couple weeks prior when Alaesa got into an argument with his neighbors over the youngest child in their house, and her playing habits. 

It then became a larger, more violent incident when the older brother of the family got involved. Allegedly, according to the District Attorney Office, Alaesa took a knife and stabbed both the brother, as well as the father who came to his defense.

The preliminary hearing began with the prosecution calling “GD,” the older brother of the neighboring family.

The witness said the defendant, Alaesa, was a friend of the family until he got into a disagreement with one of the children in the family. He seemed to be upset with where she was playing in the apartment complex, and yelled at her and her friends, cursing at them and telling them to go home.

Hearing this, the father got into a heated argument with Alaesa and the police were involved, said the witness, adding that Alaesa wanted to apologize to the family a couple of days later but they refused to hear him out. GD noted, “He hurt me, my family, and left a scar in me for the rest of my life […] we cannot forgive him.”

In court, upon hearing this account, Alaesa got physically heated and tried to intervene, but was restrained by Assistant Public Defender Andrew Chen. 

After further questioning by Deputy District Attorney Toni Linarez, GD said a couple of days after this, he was walking toward his home with a friend and happened to see Alaesa sitting, drinking tea with some of their other neighbors. 

When the two made eye-contact, Alaesa allegedly began to use expletives, and when GD tried to approach him, he began to throw the glass tea cups they were drinking out of at him. This led to a physical altercation between the two as they fought until they were separated by the people around them.

After being pulled apart, Alaesa allegedly made a dash for his apartment, came back with a knife and began to threaten GD, who ultimately fell after Alaesa stabbed him, allegedly, in his right leg. The father got involved, and was stabbed in the back, near the shoulders. “It all happened very quickly, at first I didn’t even see the knife,” said GD.

Presumably, one of the neighbors present called the police, and the two were taken to the UC Davis Medical Center.

GD believes that all of this occurred out of malicious intent and Alaesa was angry at the family and therefore wanted to hurt them.

GD suffers from not only a stab wound, but also a back injury that renders him unable to work for long periods of time. “They made me lay down near a tree after I was stabbed, and I saw him [Alaesa] throwing more glass cups at us,” recounted GD.

The court ended without a definitive end to the hearing itself, which is being continued to another day. Once the hearing is completed, further proceedings and decisions will be set. 

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