Judge Won’t Set Bail – Even $200K – for Defendant with ‘Egregious’ Rap Sheet

By Stephanie Boulos

SACRAMENTO, CA – Bail was denied defendant Dreyshawn Augustus because of his “egregious” rap sheet—according to prosecutor Ashley Pane—here Monday in Sacramento County Superior Court, Dept. 61.

Dreyshawn is currently charged with two felony counts of attempted murder from November of 2019. He was caught as a result of a GPS monitor that pinged him at the exact location of the attempted murder, according to authorities.

Deputy District Attorney Pane explained police officers were dispatched to the location of the attempted murder, where the victim was found with a gaping head wound. 

The victim was found with a brain bleed along with a skull fracture, and a raised gunshot wound to his shoulder, along with no recollection of the incident as a result of the brain damage inflicted on him. 

The victim’s injuries have resulted in his requiring a wheelchair, and in need of a long-term care facility for the rest of his life. 

Officers only ended up arresting the defendant as a result of a separate gun charge in December 2018, which was the same firearm that was used in this case’s attempted murder. 

Due to a previous human trafficking case, in which the defendant served eight years in state prison, he was under the jurisdiction of a GPS monitor that also placed him at the exact location of where the shooting occurred. 

Further surveillance also confirmed the defendant’s presence at the location of the attempted murder. 

Defense Attorney Paul Irish prefaced this history by explaining the defendant’s past and family life, saying defendant Augustus had a family, previous and current employment, and has been a citizen of Sacramento for his entire life. 

Irish also explained the defendant’s monitoring from a previous charge, and the defendant’s one charge in custody, and how he became a “houseman” in prison in which he can do work outside of his cell. 

Irish requested that bail be set at $200,000 to assure his ability to appear and willingness to comply.

However, the DDA called the defendant’s history “egregious,” recounting the previous case in 2008 in which he spent three years in the state prison for a robbery at gunpoint at the age of 16. 

In 2013 the defendant picked up a human trafficking charge, where he spent an additional eight years in prison and was put on parole for another charge following that. 

At this point, Judge Geoffrey Goodman cut the district attorney off, saying “he’s heard enough” and the matter was submitted. 

Judge Goodman came to the conclusion, based on the defendant’s history, that there is no combination of circumstances that can secure the public’s safety and assure the defendant will appear, and therefore bail would be denied for defendant Augustus.

The case will be heard on Aug. 16 at 8:30 a.m. in the same courtroom. 

About The Author

I’m a second year Political Science and Philosophy major at UC Davis from Socal, hoping to pursue a career in law!

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