Everyday Injustice Podcast Episode 122: The Death of Angelo Quinto – Excited Delirium or Murder?

Family Outraged by Excited Delirium Diagnosis in Police Killing in Contra Costa County, California

It may have been a scene reminiscent of George Floyd, but unless the California AG or Contra Costa DA step into this, the police may well get away with it after the coroner ruled accidental death in the death of 30-year-old Angelo Quinto, a Filipino male with a recent history of mental impairment.

Quinto was grabbed from his mother’s arms and thrown to the floor in his home by Antioch police officers. After that, one officer handcuffed and placed his knee on the back of his neck, and at the same time another officer bent both of Angelo’s legs up and backward toward his back for an extended period of time, resulting in his death.  Or at least that’s what attorneys for his family believe.

Civil Rights Attorney John Burris said, “Angelo’s death could have been avoided if the officers took the time to talk with Angelo instead of using similar restraints that killed George Floyd and, like George Floyd, Angelo said to the officers ‘please don’t kill me’ but the officers did exactly that.”

Everyday Injustice this week caught up with the family of Angelo Quinto as well as Attorney Ben Nausimbaum to discuss the death of Quinto and the coroner’s diagnosis of excited delirium.

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