Judge Won’t Release Man Pretrial – Charged with Alleged Shooting, Police Threats

By Alexander Ramirez

WOODLAND, CA – Roberto Moses Ordonez, III, was in Yolo County Superior Court late last week for both an arraignment and review of bail regarding two separate incidents, an alleged shooting and threats made to police.

The first of those occurred in July of 2020 and Ordonez is currently awaiting a jury trial on the counts of carrying a loaded firearm, obstructing or resisting police officer, and the threat of injury to an officer—as well as enhancements of possession of a firearm within 100 feet of a school and possession of a firearm by someone prohibited from possessing a firearm.

During this incident, according to Deputy District Attorney Robin Johnson, after Ordonez was seen with a gun by a mom and her child, the parent called the police and ran. When caught, Ordonez was found with a loaded firearm at his waistband and continuously slipped out of his handcuffs. 

Also during this time, Ordonez allegedly kept telling officers, “I’ll blow your sh** brah. You in Broderick homie. I’ll pistol whip you with my sh**.”

Later at the police department, Ordonez allegedly said: “Glock 48 out on bail.”  A Glock 48 is a handgun, but most likely used as an alias in this case.

This led into a separate incident that occurred on Aug. 10 of this year that includes alleged counts of a discharge of firearm toward a vehicle or dwelling, assault with a semiautomatic firearm with an enhancement of the use of a firearm, and threatening of crime with an intent to terrorize with two enhancements of firearm and crime committed while on bail or own recognizance.

During this incident, per DDA Johnson again, a neighbor visited Ordonez’s house where there was an AK-47 in his possession. When Ordonez wanted the neighbor to take drugs but was denied, Ordonez put a gun up to the neighbor’s head telling them, “I will pop at you, bro.” The neighbor got into their car to leave and was allegedly shot at by Ordonez, with a bullet striking the car.

Ordonez allegedly later met with the neighbor to apologize and plead with them not to go to the police.

“In the People’s opinion, there is really nothing that the court can do that can protect the public from an individual who is running around with guns threatening police officers, threatening his neighbors or people that he knows, and then shooting at a car. So, for public safety, the People are asking to hold him without bail,” said DDA Johnson.

Believing that if Ordonez were to be released, a high possibility of great bodily harm were to ensue, Judge Tom Dyer issued a no-bail for this year’s incident, and Ordonez’s bail bonds for the prior year’s incident were exonerated.

Ordonez will be facing a jury trial for the 2020 incident on Aug. 30.

About The Author

Alexander Ramirez is a third-year Political Science major at the University of California, Davis. He hopes to hone his writing skills in preparation for the inevitable time of graduation.

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