Jury Trial Pending for Man Charged with Multiple Counts of ‘Indecent Exposure’ on UC Berkeley’s Campus – Defense Cites Medical Condition

By Serene Chang

ALAMEDA, CA – A week ago, the parties in Alameda Superior Court Dept. 109 deliberated details for the jury trial of Curtis Allen, Jr., a man charged with multiple counts of “indecent exposure” on UC Berkeley’s campus.

According to court records, the trial has still not taken place, and the case is listed as “active.”

Allen was allegedly caught masturbating on UC Berkeley’s campus by several individuals, including a Berkeley international student and professor—the prosecution said the suspect made eye contact with some of the victims.

His defense attorney, however, said Allen has a medical condition that can explain his actions to some degree, and that drug treatment would do more good than time in jail.

The defendant was allegedly found masturbating on the steps of a campus building by the international student and observed masturbating in a wooded area off of a path by another victim with whom he made eye contact, promptly turning away to continue masturbating afterwards.

In October, 2019 a professor saw Allen while walking home, with Allen also making eye contact with this professor. The professor took a picture and alerted the police, but Allen was not charged during this instance.

Allen was reported for masturbating in a park as well, as witnessed by a father and his nine-year-old daughter. However, Allen’s defense attorney clarified that no children, including the nine-year-old girl, saw his genitals.

Allen was charged with “peeking” and “prowling” outside of a woman’s residence where she saw his body from his shoulder blades to his thighs, at an angle. However, it is unclear exactly how much the victim saw of Allen’s body beyond that description.

In the midst of Allen’s preliminary hearing, Jordan detailed a vital piece of information to the court: Allen has a medical condition that he claims causes him to engage in “lewd conduct.”

Jordan explained that Allen is afflicted with priapism from sickle cell anemia, which causes him to have “prolonged and painful erections.”

More importantly, however, Allen also seems to have issues with meth abuse, noted Jordan. Allen has been described by witnesses as looking “spaced out” and has even been seen with a pipe in his mouth.

“All of these instances seem to be characteristic of meth usage and that’s why it is my position that if Mr. Allen is given the chance to see drug treatment that would be something that could help,” said Jordan.

The lawyers and judge discussed potential witnesses for Allen’s trial to include Berkeley police officers, Allen’s doctor to confirm his condition, and victims of his “indecent exposure” acts. In addition, police body camera footage and transcribed 911 calls will likely be used by the DA’s office as exhibits.

Since this a “more sensitive” case, according to the judge, the court considered the merits of asking potential jury members if they have witnessed indecent exposure in the past.

The judge expressed concern for this case, weighing Allen’s previous convictions with his substance abuse problems. He even asked for the defendant’s age and upon learning Allen is currently 33, stated: “Okay, so he’s really young.”

The judge wondered out loud if there was some sort of “triggering” or significant life event leading Allen to commit his offenses.

After considering Allen’s current plea bargain offer, the judge asked the lawyers to talk with him in his chambers to ask for more “background information.”

“It’s…it’s a difficult case…it’s an atypical scenario,” the judge said, sighing.

About The Author

Serene Chang is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying History, Journalism, and Human Rights. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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