Woman Accused of Terrorist Threats Released to Aunt by Judge

By Marcia Baraja

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Clifford R. Anderson III presided Tuesday here in the case of Amelia A. Castellanos-Marshall, who was on for arraignment for threatening a crime with intent to terrorize, vandalism, and serious felony/criminal threats on Aug. 7.

Castellanos was present in court, represented by attorney Sanford Worowitz and there was a pretrial service report recommending that Castellanos be released on supervised pre-trial.

The defendant was residing with their mom and victim but asked the court to permit residency with her aunt. Castellanos agreed to comply with all terms such as, avoid contact with the victim and property.

Castellanos’ aunt gave a statement that she can only reside with her for 14 days according to section A. The aunt informed the court that Castellanos has “a dual disorder and she does need to address that. I ask the court if she can stay with me a day or two to get her things in order.”

Additionally, the aunt suggested for the future that Castellanos can reside in Bethel House to do a year residency program.

Castellanos’ aunt stated that Castellanos has not had any real treatment and after the loss of her baby five years ago, she suggested the stipulation from before would be best.

The defense attorney Worowitz asked the court that Castellanos be released to her aunt today and return to court in a few days. Castellanos’ aunt commented that she agreed with Worowitz as long as Castellanos “works on the things that will help her get better.” The aunt has an autoimmune disease and said that if Castellanos will be residing with her, she will abide by her house rules. Castellanos complied.

Judge Anderson granted the supervised pretrial release under the following conditions: no contact with the victim, comply with the orders, accomplish a residential program document within 14 days or else she will be remanded into custody.

As an alternative, Worowitz suggested a sober living facility to simulate a residential patient program if the first option is unavailable. However, Judge Anderson stated that sober living does not address mental health issues, but Worowitz would be combining sober living with an outpatient program.

The judge issued a protective order and ordered Castellanos to not “molest, annoy, threat, harass, or disturb the victim’s peace.” The arraignment will continue on Aug. 13.

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