Couple Allegedly Threatened Person as They Pushed Mattress Down Street

By Samuel Van Blaricom

SACRAMENTO, CA – A trial date of Jan. 10 was set here in Sacramento County Superior Court this week for Gary Hobbs and Niko Hardy, who allegedly threatened a person who confronted the two while they were pushing a mattress down the street with a vehicle.

When the victim approached, Hobbs allegedly brandished a handgun at him and said that he “would be back,” prompting the victim to call 911.

The event took place on Arcade Boulevard in Sacramento. And later, when the vehicle was approached by police, Officer Max Bruce said that he “saw furtive movements” and that they refused to respond to verbal commands.

Hobbs allegedly tossed the gun in a glove to Hardy in the back seat, which wrapped him up in the gun charges.

Hardy is charged as a felon in possession of a weapon, concealing a weapon within a vehicle, and possessing a billy club, which was found in the vehicle.

Deputy District Attorney Brandon Jack and Hardy’s defense counsel are supposedly working on an offer to get Hardy’s charge of concealing the handgun within the vehicle reduced to a misdemeanor.

“This is by far not the most egregious case… that I have ever seen,” said DDA Jack. “But he did place himself into a position where unfortunately he is now charged with a crime.”

In this case, Hobbs is being charged with felon in possession of a weapon, assault with a firearm, and concealing a weapon within a vehicle. Hobbs claims the handgun did not belong to him.

The victim, when asked to identify Hobbs in a lineup, said he was “50 percent sure” of his identity according to Hobbs’ defense counsel, who added that “50 percent isn’t even enough for a holding order at a prelim.”

Judge Geoffrey Goodman rejected the argument on the basis that his objections were “trial issues” and there was “at least sufficient cause” to go forward with holding Hobbs.

Hobbs had another preliminary hearing on charges of receiving stolen property scheduled for the same morning, but it was continued to Oct. 18 so that the defense counsel would have enough time to review the new value placed on the stolen goods earlier that morning.

About The Author

Samuel is an incoming senior at UC Davis with a major in English. He is originally from Roseville, CA.

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