Deal Made for Man Accused of Attacking Trailer with a Broomstick


By Eshita Seshadri, Viridiana Martinez, and Stacie Guevara

SACRAMENTO, CA – Shawn Miller appeared for his preliminary hearing this week in Sacramento County Superior Court for two distinctive cases—one of them being attacking someone’s trailer with a broomstick.

For the first case, Miller was charged with malicious mischief and vandalism after hitting a stranger’s trailer with a broomstick. Two months later, the defendant verbally threatened an individual and was charged with criminal threats. 

Deputy District Attorney Heather Phillips explained to Judge Michael W. Sweet there were zero strikes on Miller’s cases due to the mental health issues that were present throughout the cases, as well as the conduct being “de minimis.”

It was also made known to the court that Miller had been taking medications due to ongoing medical conditions, although those conditions were not specified during the preliminary hearing.

On June 29, Miller allegedly went to the victim’s house and hit (the victim’s) trailer with a broomstick multiple times, said the prosecution, adding Miller and the victim did not know each other, yet Miller caused approximately $1,500 worth of damage.

A few months later, on Aug. 5, Miller allegedly threatened to commit a crime against a different victim. Due to their encounter, the victim felt frightened and immediately feared for their safety, said the prosecution.

Despite the complexity of the case, Miller requested the criminal threat to be reduced to a misdemeanor, which was granted.

Judge Sweet determined that, under certain conditions, Miller would be placed on strict felony probation for approximately two years. These conditions include 180 days in county jail and 137 days of credit.

Miller was also banned from contacting the victim, using firearms and reloading ammunition. Additionally, the imposition judgment sentence was suspended. Granted these various restrictions, any violation of probation would result in a three-year prison sentence. 

When Judge Sweet asked if there was a no-contact order with the threatened victim, DDA Phillips simply asked that Miller stay away from a Sam’s Club in relation to that case, since this victim, like the one who got their trailer bashed in, was also a stranger.

Consequently, the court waived all of the defendant’s fees, except for the restitution fee and the court security surcharge fee.


About The Author

Eshita Seshadri is a sophomore from UC Davis double majoring in Political Science and Cognitive Science. She is from Danville, California.

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