Hodge-Podge of Felony Cases Heard Friday from DUI Murder to Child Endangerment


By Alexander Ramirez, Brandon Blanco

SACRAMENTO, CA — A Sacramento County Superior Court Commissioner here on Friday ordered multiple criminal felony cases to be continued to different dates, including one for (first name not available) Ellis, who is accused of driving under the influence and causing the death of one man and harm to another individual.

Commissioner Ken Brody assigned a public defender for Ellis, who complained that “I have not been able to contact anybody in my family and I don’t know my cell phone.”

A second criminal felony case relating to child endangerment, which was already rescheduled earlier this week, resulted in Commissioner Brody granting a peaceful contact order to the victim’s mother but the defendant cannot have any direct or indirect contact with the minor victim.

The defendant, (first name not available) Crespo, was accused of child endangerment. Instead of being subjected to a restraining order, the judge told Crespo he must turn in his gun.

Commissioner Brody noted that “in conjunction with peaceful contact order… you are not allowed to possess a gun… if so, you must relinquish to law enforcement or a gun dealer.”

Both the defendant and the lawyer of the victim, John Casey, agreed on the date for Nov. 8 for further court proceedings.

Also on the calendar was an assault and battery charge belonging to Malatoese Geraldine Wilson, who has an assault to commit a great bodily injury charge from Sept. 29.

She entered the courtroom stating, “And I’m getting my identity back from all the…you got. I don’t know what kind of religion(?) you have but…” before the conversation got muffled by the court officer and Brody responding.

“Let me go first, okay? So, what is your first name?” said Commissioner Brody.

“Malatoese,” she answered.

“Malatoese. I wanted to pronounce it correctly, thank you Ms. Wilson,” said Brody, who read her charges but was interrupted with Wilson saying, “I want my life back.”

Despite having a public defender, Wilson still maintained loudly, “I did not do that.”

Her public defender, Scott Franklin, scheduled a bail review on Oct. 14 before Wilson was escorted by another officer outside of the holding area in the courtroom.

Looking at her history, Wilson has over 15 separate cases ranging from 2004 until 2020 that include, but aren’t limited to, charges of petty theft, possession of opium, knowingly destroying court evidence, and other battery charges on top of this 2021 case.


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Alexander Ramirez is a third-year Political Science major at the University of California, Davis. He hopes to hone his writing skills in preparation for the inevitable time of graduation.

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