Law Enforcement Testimonies and Motion for Mistrial in Day Three of Murder Trial of Markeith Loyd for the Shooting Death of Orlando Police Officer

By Danielle L. Monge

ORLANDO, FL – Testimonies from members of the Orlando Police Dept., the medical examiner, and a DNA analyst were heard at the murder trial Wednesday of Markeith Loyd, accused of shooting and killing Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton in early January of 2017 at a Walmart when she tried to bring Loyd in on a warrant for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

The prosecution and defense made their opening statements Monday with Loyd speaking out and telling the judge how dissatisfied he was with his lawyer.

Loyd was heard stating, “I tried to turn myself in two times before Walmart. They don’t want to talk about that. They don’t want the jury to know. I would never kill your queen like that. Never.”

The prosecution began the murder trial by showing the surveillance footage leading up to Lt. Clayton’s death.

On the second day of the murder trial, the jurors heard testimony from Walmart employees and Takeisha Bryant, who personally knew Loyd and notified Clayton about his whereabouts in the shopping center minutes before the shooting had occurred.

More details leading to the fatal event were heard Wednesday between direct and cross-examinations from the prosecution and defense.

The trial day began with a rundown of the eight-day manhunt for Loyd, with Crime Investigator Stacy Munro detailing the alleged carjacking that had occurred in Loyd’s attempt to escape the scene of Clayton’s shooting.

In a cross-examination made by the defense with lead detective Pete Cadiz, Loyd’s attorney questioned Cadiz on whether or not the Orlando PD followed protocol in receiving a judge’s approval regarding the wire-tap made that led the police to Loyd’s location on the evening of Jan. 17, 2017.

Cadiz appeared to be growing frustrated with the defense claim that he was unable to be “thorough and fair.”

The medical examiner also testified and stated that Clayton had been shot four times, in the leg, abdomen, hip and neck. He explained to the jury that the shot in the neck that broke Clayton’s Adam’s apple was the reason for her death.

Later in the afternoon, defense attorney Terrance Lenamon asked for a mistrial by claiming that Detective Shane Overfield, a witness of the prosecutors, was overheard whispering to an officer while they were by the sidebar speaking with the judge.

The request came right after Lenamon had questioned Overfield about a bullet that he had found that was missed by crime scene investigators at the scene.

Lenamon claimed that something was heard and picked up on a livestream by the Law and Crime Network.

Overfield allegedly said, “We got a phone call with someone who said is watching the livestream, and apparently Detective Overfield said…” while motioning to the other defense attorney to repeat what was allegedly said.

Loyd’s other attorney stated what was allegedly heard between Detective Overfield and another officer. She repeated, “Did I say his name? I didn’t say … did I?.”

Judge Leticia J. Marques denied Lenamon’s motion due to lack of evidence, but was heard saying she was open to further investigation if given more evidence.

The trial day ended with CSI and FDLE investigators discussing the evidence that was found the night of Loyd’s arrest, including a bulletproof vest, ammunition clips and bullets, as well as some clothing items that were detailed as camouflage green. They concluded that Loyd’s DNA matched the clothing items.

Loyd’s defense attorney’s argument is that Loyd was insane when he shot Lt. Clayton. Loyd faces the death penalty if convicted.

The trial is expected to last two to three weeks with witness testimonies resuming Thursday at 9 a.m.

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