Man Going to Trial for Allegedly Assaulting Homeless Woman He Offered to Help

By Eshita Seshadri

SACRAMENTO, CA – Two police officers testified in Sacramento County Superior Court Friday in a case involving a man accused of unlawfully committing an act of sodomy against a homeless woman he had offered to help.

During his witness testimony, Officer Robyn Merchie told the court that the victim claimed that she was sleeping in her vehicle when Arthur Perkins pulled up next to her and asked her if she wanted to stay at his place and rest.

According to Officer Merchie, following this encounter, the victim went to his house and was offered a marijuana cigarette by Perkins. She told the officer she then vomited and had difficulty walking so she proceeded to go to the bedroom.

This was when Perkins allegedly assaulted the victim. The victim told Officer Merchie that her memory was in “bits and pieces.”

Officer Merchie also told the court during his testimony that the victim bled the following morning and felt pain in her rectum, although she was not sure because she was also menstruating at the time.

In cross-examination, Officer Merchie was asked if Perkins was smoking with the victim, to which he said that he did not know.

Additionally, he stated that although the victim tested positive for meth with the nurse, the victim did not appear to be on drugs when he questioned her.

Officer Dustin Smith also testified in court that Perkins admitted to the unlawful act of sodomy and that he should not have done it.

Defense counsel Larry Pilgrim argued that, because of details of the assault and the victim’s bleeding, an act of sodomy was not committed.

However, the judge ruled there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial.

Formal arraignment was waived and a trial was set for Jan. 24, 2022.

About The Author

Eshita Seshadri is a sophomore from UC Davis double majoring in Political Science and Cognitive Science. She is from Danville, California.

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