Video Apparently Catches Burglars Breaking into Apartment – Defense Suggests It May Not


By Alexander Ramirez

WOODLAND, CA – A burglary in Yolo County was caught—or was it?—on camera with two males seen apparently breaking into an apartment last April 30, according to information revealed in Yolo County Superior Court last Friday.

Shane Taylor Glennballant is being charged with burglary with enhancements for habitual criminals and a prior serious felony conviction. The victim claims she knows Glennballant through friends and acquaintances and believes Glennballant was one of those two men on camera on April 30.

According to police testimony in court and a report from the victim received May 2, the victim believes that a get-together at the victim’s apartment on April 29—when she realized some of her apartment keys were missing—led to the events on April 30.

A JanSport backpack, a laptop, a drill, and a second-generation Alexa were believed to have been stolen.

Although Glennballant was already identified as one of the people in the video, there was also a point during the video where he had taken off his “COVID” mask (as described by Deputy District Attorney Sherri Bridgeforth) and remarked how he was bitten by a dog earlier that day.

During Deputy Public Defender Jim Granucci’s cross-examination of the police testimony, he drew connections between the get-together the night before and the break-in incident.

He noted that on the morning of April 30 after the party but before the break-in, Glennballant had gone to the victim’s apartment to pick up items he had left behind. He was also bitten by a dog at this time and was taken to the hospital by someone at the apartment complex.

Granucci also clarified that there was no timestamp during the video that is believed to have caught the burglary.

“For all you know, this video could have been shot weeks earlier when my client had permission to be in the residence. Possibly,” the PD suggested.

Earlier, the police witness had clarified that it seemed as though the apartment was empty at the time of the video footage recording, and the victim said the video is from April 30.

However, the video did not show the alleged burglars explicitly picking up and walking away with the stolen goods or using keys to enter the residence.

The stolen goods were also not tied to Glennballant by the officer present in court, and the officer said it took a couple of days for the victim to call the police.

Judge David Rosenberg ruled the case should go to trial, noting, “It is thinner than some, but it is not so lacking that it can’t go to a jury. There is enough evidence for them to decide whether the evidence constitutes a burglary.”

An arraignment was scheduled for Nov. 4.


About The Author

Alexander Ramirez is a third-year Political Science major at the University of California, Davis. He hopes to hone his writing skills in preparation for the inevitable time of graduation.

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