Woman Robs Local CVS, Claims She Owns the Store

By Eshita Seshadri

SACRAMENTO, CA – Police officer Steven Chang testified in a Sacramento County Superior Court preliminary hearing Tuesday about a woman who allegedly robbed a local CVS pharmacy with a deadly weapon while purportedly under the influence of drugs and in possession of various drug paraphernalia.

On July 26, Melanie Donahoe is accused of entering the CVS in Sacramento County and grabbing multiple items, including several soda cans, while the store manager followed her and told her she needed to leave.

According to Officer Chang, the store manager told him that he followed Donahoe into the candy aisle until she waved a silver boxcutter knife and said get away, which caused him to stop engaging with the person.

Donahoe then proceeded to collect more items valuing at about $60 according to estimates by the manager.

On July 27, Officer Chang received another call stating that Donahoe had entered the CVS once again.

In his testimony, Officer Chang stated that he searched her and found a utility knife in her front pocket along with drug paraphernalia, a bulbous glass smoking pipe, and narcotics that tested positive for 0.4 grams of meth in her bag.

During cross-examination, Assistant Public Defender Pamela Dominisse asked the officer if he physically saw the defendant when the crime took place and if he knew what exactly was taken from the store.

Officer Chang answered that he only saw Donahoe on July 27, and that while he did not know what the rest of the items were, he was told by the manager that she had grabbed two soda cans and dropped the rest.

It was also confirmed by the officer in cross-examination that during his interaction with Donahoe, she claimed that “she owned CVS and could not be arrested.”

It was made known to the court that she was under the influence and suffering from a possible mental disorder.

Judge Laurie Earl ruled there was sufficient evidence for four charges, including robbery with a deadly weapon, a felony, and two misdemeanor charges.

The second misdemeanor charge was added at the request of Deputy District Attorney Douglas Caballeros for simple possession of meth.

Donahoe is set for arraignment on Oct. 26 at 8:30 a.m., and then trial.

About The Author

Eshita Seshadri is a sophomore from UC Davis double majoring in Political Science and Cognitive Science. She is from Danville, California.

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