Judge Finds All 3 Suspects Should Stand Trial in Felony Carjacking Case

By Eshita Seshadri

SACRAMENTO, CA – Judge Shelleyanne Chang decided after a preliminary hearing this week in Sacramento County Superior Court there was enough evidence to set a trial for all three accused in a carjacking case where two women were allegedly threatened with guns outside their home.

According to the victim’s sister, they had invited a man over to their house in addition to several of their cousins. The man was told not to bring anyone over. However, she said she noticed that he was in the passenger seat of a vehicle with three other individuals.

Traice Tyree was allegedly driving the vehicle while defendants Maikhy Thomas and Johnny Jackson were in the backseat.

The sister stated that at this point she went to quickly get her phone from the house in case she needed to call 911.

When she came back outside, she saw the men ripping her sister’s shirt, throwing her against each other, and tossing her around “like a ball.” She then stated that she proceeded to stand between them and repeatedly say “can you please not do this in front of my house?”

According to her testimony, Jackson had then lifted up his shirt to threaten her with the gun in his belt, stating, “You finna go get who?”

Tyree allegedly then proceeded to rip the car keys off of the victim’s neck and toss them to Jackson, telling him, “This is yours now brother.”

It was also established through the victim’s sister’s testimony that she [the sister] had previously had relations with Tyree, and that he had allegedly previously robbed her sister at a hotel. When questioned, she stated that while she had smoked a few hours prior, it had worn off due to the “high-anxiety” nature of the situation.

An officer, who also testified in court, stated, however, that he did not check the sobriety level of the victim or the suspects at the scene.

The victim’s sister also told the court that the other defendant, Thomas, had taken a bag from the vehicle that contained $2,000 in cash.

She also testified she and her sister had been threatened by Jackson before the preliminary hearing, and that they had told the victim that “if your sister goes to court I’m going to beat her a**.”

Court records show all three suspects’ cases have been assigned to trial court as of earlier this week on the carjacking charge.

The case is set to return to home court Dept. 61 on Dec. 4 at 8:30 a.m. for arraignment and trial setting.

About The Author

Eshita Seshadri is a sophomore from UC Davis double majoring in Political Science and Cognitive Science. She is from Danville, California.

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